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2011-12-28, 10:47 PM
The Aldmeri Dominion, from the Elder Scrolls franchise, is across the sea from the Aldmeri Dominion. Assuming that there is Empire or Tamriel as it exists in the Elder Scrolls, but the Aldmeri Dominion, and their allies/subservients exist as they do in the Elder Scrolls Lore, what happens if an Exalted March is declared by the Black and White Chantries of Thedas? Also, how would a war between the Thalmor and Qunari occur?

2011-12-29, 03:28 AM
It all really depends on if the sudden crossover leaves the Aldmeri vulnerable to becoming Abominations.

Magic is a pretty significant part of their military might, and it'd be a game-breaking advantage compared to the extremely limited magical support Dragon Age armies bring to the field. If they don't have to worry about the dragon age specific downsides, they pretty much dominate militarily.

However, if they do have to worry about becoming abominations, they tear themselves apart. Even the simple foot soldiers have some magical ability, and they're egotistical enough that a good number of them would fall prey to temptation. The Qunari/Marchers wouldn't be fighting an army of Aldmer, they'd be moving in to clean up after an entire country of abominations, restore order, and maybe rescue the survivors.

Don Julio Anejo
2011-12-29, 06:35 AM
Magic in the two settings works in a fundamentally different way. In Dragon Age, mages draw power from the fade. In many ways, it's close to medieval view of how magic works - i.e. make a deal with a demon to do your bidding. Or at the very least, open your mind to demonic possession (Warhammer style) when you draw on the power of the fade.

In Elder Scrolls, you use your own power. Any demons there are in alternate dimensions and can only interact with the real world in a very limited way and usually have to be consciously assisted by mortals. All elves are magical by definition in the setting, and Altmeri are especially proficient in magic (if weak against it).

So it'd be fair to assume that the Aldmeri army would not have any DA-specific downsides to using magic. But to be fair, the magic itself is quite a bit weaker than in DA and the most an average mage can accomplish is chuck a few firebolts here and there and cast a shield spell.

2011-12-29, 08:07 AM
In the Elder Scrolls, it's not really your own power either. Magicka is drawn from Aetherius, through Magnus and the stars. And the daedra can access mundus, if they aren't attempting to destroy anything. Its the loophole Sheogorath used in Shivering Isles.

As for the power, what we see in the games is far from what we see in the lore, where magic can get very, very impressive with some preparation.

And, I mean, I played about half of DA 1. I didn't see much impressive magic there, either.