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2012-01-04, 09:22 AM
Released by Ideology of Madness who also do the Star Fleet Aegean (or was it Aegeus?) podcast.

Not so sure if this is right place to discuss this but well good enough way to find out!

Anyway anyone know about this?

2012-01-04, 11:02 AM
Anyway anyone know about this?

Um, no. What are you talking about?:smallconfused:

2012-01-04, 04:26 PM
Um, no. What are you talking about?:smallconfused:

Here you go

Ideology of Madness (http://ideologyofmadness.spookyouthouse.com/archives/category/columns/knights-of-reignsborough/page/2)

Thats the name of the podcasters, been listening to this particualr series and was wondering if anyone had and what they thought about it.


PS: They sandbox the setting including characters before starting on their introduction and have done the same to a Star Trek game they've been planning.

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie is another of their podcasts if that helps.

2012-01-05, 09:22 AM

Hairtrigger: Super smart who tested a prototype teleporter and has to wear a special suit to control her power to teleport and phase through stuff usually packs a pair of six shooters as back up.

Ricochet: Think Speedball able to absorb attacks to increase his strength temporarily likes to bounce around but due to the source of his powers occasionally suffers from side effects and is a somwhat unsuccessful comedian in his true identity.

Coyote: Native Indian and military vet whom came into contact with a tribal relic that has endowed him with the abilities of an Indian Shaman and occasionally has to chat with the ghosts of shamans of his tribe who seek to keep him on the right path and in addition to casting magic he can control and summon the native animals of his homeland and the services of a spectral mount who is able to fly. Did I mention he can turn into a raven and fly?

Doctor Necropath: Forensics scientist who was left in a coma after a drive by shooting and after recovering has been left with telepathic abilities that make him reclusive by nature but also the ability to see the past of any object or person he comes into physical contact with and did I mention he can mental blast opponents?

There is supposed to be another hero named Ramiel the Angel of Light but he has yet to make an appearance

The backdrop is that the city's hero named Partisan is killed in a massive fight against an unidentified foe and the game opens with the first two episodes being a literal "where were you when Partisan died?" somewhat similar to the death of superman comic line I suppose.

Its quite good am up to episode 9 and the episode about the aftermath of one of their super battles is very funny!

2012-01-06, 11:29 AM
They're up to episode 10 with 11 due out either this weekend or next weekend (hopefully).

So this does qualify for posting in Media Discussions doesn't it?

Coyote: His Grandfather is in hospital after suffering a heart attack due to an attempted mugging and he refuses to leave the side of his grandfather and nephew than risk any chance of a repeat attack since the police has shown virtually no interest in this event

Hairtrigger:After narrowly escaping her captors she leads her two friends back to recover her lost equipment and some overdue answers!

Ricochet:Has his own website and fan base accompanies Dr Necrophase to a site where Landmine is intending to rob (the villain from episode 1) but whilst Coyote is called away urgently (see above) he and the good Doctor meet up with Hairtrigger and join her in a raid on Landmine's base of operations!

Dr Necrophase:Haunted by memories he gained from contact with a trade paperback signed by the deceased hero Partisan he has successfully hidden the true nature of his powers from his comrades and joins his two comrades in a desperate confrontation with Landmine, his pyrokinetic lady friend and their two ninja henchmen as well as an as yet unknown villain with a preference for keeping to the shadows all to recover a control until that will allow the villains control over a two hundred strong army of pseudo pink skinned Hulks slumbering in the basement beneath their complex!

Still no sign of Ramiel the Angel of Light if you have actually been bothering to listen to the sandbox episodes!