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2012-01-07, 04:11 PM
Recently I've re-read the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics and I really liked the concept of soldiers genetically modified in the womb to fight for their realm.
What I want to do is state in 3.P rules, as closely as possible, the members of the Seed 19 unit.
I'm certain that only very few of you know what I'm talking about, so I will provide as many details about the characters as I can:
Dreamcatcher - can exist invisibly and incorporeally as energy or thought, and can manipulate light, ideas and emotions (basically illusions and enchantment) - no idea what exactly could she be, I'm a noob when it comes to magic or psionics, if I had to guess maybe she'll be a Psion or Wizard with some incorporeal race and spell/power selection concentrated on Illusion and Enchantment;
Grail Fountain - able to analyze and heal, possesses a "blessing touch" that can enhance others - again, no idea, some caster I suppose;
Magnificent Brute - able to transform into a superhumanly strong bestial form and able to manifest any weapon nature provided to any living being - Wildshape Ranger/Master of Many Forms/Warshaper?, Transmogrifist?;
Treshold - able to absorb and redirect energy - yeah, I know...;
Vykni - can animate the material around him - some caster with many battlefield control spells and excessive use of Animate Object;

The lower level the builds will be functional (as in - competent) the better. Gestalt allowed if absolutely necessary to make the build work.

Please give your suggestions/ideas.

2012-01-08, 01:22 AM
A Cleric learns spells that would let you know your allies hitpoints, heal, and buff. It fits the bill for Grail Fountain very well, if you ask me.

Circle of Life
2012-01-08, 01:25 AM
Treshold - able to absorb and redirect energy - yeah, I know...;

I don't know the details of Threshold, but that sounds like the Spellfire Wielder feat to me right there.