View Full Version : Blade The Vampire (And/Or Drake) V.S The Thalmor

2012-01-11, 03:51 PM
(Assume that through alteration/illusion magics, Thalmor have existed alongside humanity for thousands of years.)

Blade, the Vampire, and/or Drake discover that the Thalmor, High Elves, also called Altmer, exist. The Thalmor are currently working on a plot to wipe out all humanity in a Third World War, or, more precisely, whittle down humankind's numbers with a Third World War, and then slowly hunt them all down. The Thalmor currently consider Vampires as "Impure", and hate them just as much as humans. Therefore Blade discovers himself working with Drake to stop the genocide of everyone but the Altmer one of the Altmer being a Human sympathizer who notifies the two that the entire Thalmor Council (Just a made up name for Thalmor Justiciars and leaders) are currently meeting together. Blade and Drake assault the Thalmor Council.

Assume that there are any number of Thalmor leaders within the single digits, and there gaurds, which can number anywhere from 50-1000 Thalmor.
If the Vampires are easily killed, then they get to bring in their vamp buddies!

2012-01-12, 05:50 PM
thalmor as in, elder scrolls high elf? and blade, the vampire hunter guy from those movies/comics?

thalmor win instantly. besides summoning extra dimensional beings, there is more than enough magic that would smack blade into the walls.