View Full Version : New Wes Anderson Film: Moonrise Kingdom

2012-01-12, 04:50 PM

I love Wes Anderson. My favorite of his works is "Life Aquatic" but this looks like it may have a chance of dethroning that.

The Durvin
2012-01-17, 07:43 PM
Pretty clever to use camera filters so the whole thing looks like a faded photo from the 1970's. I'm also glad to see Bruce Willis diversifying a little, because he can be really funny when he wants.

2012-01-17, 07:59 PM
I'm a little sick of Wes Anderson doing his quirky Wes Anderson style. It feels a little overdone and not as fun and spontaneous anymore. I'll still probably see it, but my favorites are Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums and I don't think this will change that.