View Full Version : looking for an old pc game.

2012-01-22, 09:52 AM
it was a space themed turn based strategy game. you outfitted your own customized units with whatever weapons/armor/systems you could fit and used worm holes to move from system to system to colonize planets for resources. eventually trying to overtake any enemies.

the graphics were asteroids level stuff.

i know it's not much to go on, but does this sound familiar to anyone?

2012-01-22, 11:06 AM
Master of Orion?

I never played the original one, so I'm not sure what the graphics were like. But it fits the description of the gameplay.

2012-01-22, 11:33 AM
Master of Orion doesn't fit the worm holes thing. Yes, it has worm holes, but they're the exception rather than the standard means of travel.

One of the Space Empires games might fit, though you'd have to go pretty early to get "asteroids level" graphics. Graphics has never been a strong point of the series, but Asteroids is an exceptionally low bar.

2012-01-22, 12:12 PM
Ascendancy would fit the wormholes part and unit customization. There aren't any resources to mine though.

There is a game called Stars! - has resources and simple graphics, but there is no distinction between planets and systems.

Manga Shoggoth
2012-01-22, 05:38 PM
This one: Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pax_Imperia:_Eminent_Domain)?

I just spent ages trawling through my old CDs and can't find the wretched thing, however I eventually remembered the name and did a search - the box looks right.

The gameplay fits your description. The opening animation had someone shipping supplies from earth to the outer rim of the system, and getting caught by the first wormhole to appear in the solay system.

2012-01-22, 05:43 PM
space empires is it. though i can't find anything on 1, 2 is so close that has to be the right series.

thank you everyone! now where to find a compatible version...