View Full Version : The ending of The Hunger Games/Mockingjay (colossal spoilers!)

2012-01-22, 04:51 PM
If you haven't read the end of the third book, read no more.

I was thinking about Katniss's made-up mission to assassinate Snow. Ultimately, it does no good, only ending up killing a bunch of people (poor Finnick). It seems like everything would have been had she just stayed back.

However... I think if she had not gone, Coin would have somehow gotten Katniss killed. I mean, Boggs encouraged her to go. So really, I have two questions, but I think they're really related.

1) What do you think would have happened had Katniss stayed behind?
2) Why did Boggs encourage Katniss to go?

I think both answers are Coin would have had Katniss killed.