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2012-01-23, 03:44 AM
Well anyway I like abominations. Their fun, their crazy and kewl.

So I have some inspiration for those that love abominations:


The creature reaches its apendage forward. A tumor forms on it, suddenly it launches the tumor at you. Once it reaches near you the tumor bursts in a flurry of piercing tentacles. Once the tentacles strike all that are nearby the whole thing explodes as the acidic slime inside the tentacles begins to melt your flesh.

This works exactly the same as fireball only it does 5D6 piercing and 5D6 acid damage

A orb of Phsychic energy forms in the creatures hand it continues to epand into the ball launches phychic tendrils at you. They mimick your movement and either way result in a pierce through you.

this is just magic missle.

Flavor is an important thing.

Monsters/ Sound effects:

Shroobs. From Mario and Luigi. Seriously they make a realy good inspiration. You can even directly translate them to your game.

Their an ancient species from outer space with weird transformative technology that drains the life from people in order to power their spaceships as their alien tendrils take over the Kingdom.

And listen to thier language and laugh. Its awesome. Thier language sounds like a brick, and thier laugh is just great.

Angry Bob
2012-01-23, 06:03 AM
A player in a campaign of mine where the players know that the universe is going to end after the end of the campaign(my way of saying I'm never running D&D 3.5 again), wants to preserve his character with an esoteric ritual involving thirteen miracles or effects of a similar grade in quick succession that would transform him into what would be essentially a sentient super-string, allowing him to exist after the end of the great wheel. In his own words, "nothing messes with super-strings."

Taking his word for it, I'm planning to have his altered form make an appearance, one way or another, in the next campaign I run, even if it isn't D&D of any sort. This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJWjX3zH9HQ&feature=related) would be his boss music.

In this form, his true shape would be indescribably horrible, but I figure that's kind of par for the course with this topic.