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2012-01-26, 11:31 AM
Imagine that you took Episode IV and sliced it up into 15-second segments.

Imagine that you then put out an internet signup sheet so that anyone who wanted to could sign up for a segment. That person would then get it in film format SOMEHOW, whether graphics modeling or animation or live-action.

Now imagine you pasted all these together into one continuous two hour movie.

What would it look like?

Imagine no more (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ezeYJUz-84&feature=player_embedded). But bring brain bleach.


Brian P.

2012-01-26, 11:34 AM
This took really quite a lot of time. I think I've heard of this some years ago.

Lol, it's blocked in Germany. Anyone a link that isn't youtube?

2012-01-26, 12:12 PM
Not sure I could stand sitting down and watching the full 2 hours, but the first five minutes were amusing enough--especially the cardboard Star Destroyer!

2012-01-26, 12:53 PM
Best bit after 49 minutes and 55 seconds.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2012-01-26, 08:34 PM
I dunno, I liked the bits where Solo was an old Civil War army veteran, and it was filmed like a Western.

About an hour in, and it's pretty damn brilliant surprisingly often.

2012-01-26, 11:13 PM
I saw that the other day, and it is rather amazing. I was amazed at Star Warzy (Swarzy in some part of the internet) it felt. To me it was almost like watching Star Wars for the first time again. I suspect that it's because everyone who worked on it really loves Star Wars, and you can see it in what they do with their little segments.

2012-01-27, 05:40 AM
Lol, it's blocked in Germany. Anyone a link that isn't youtube?
It's also on vimeo: