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2012-01-30, 12:41 AM
Lucifer contemplates in his isolation (Before the start of Supernatural, the Series) of his plans for the future, and what he will do. Suddenly, he is released from his confinements, the seals in his prison broken. Shinnok stands before him, bowing, half mockingly, half sincerely.

"Greetings, Lucifer, Fallen One. I am Shinnok, and I am not from this Realm." Lucifer is ready to destroy Shinnok, and after a few seconds of fighting, Lucifer calms down, and manages to see into Shinnok's soul. He sees that Shinnok only wishes an alliance. "I wish for a Realm of my own, and I see that you are having your own difficulties as well. I have Sorcerers who have seen into the future of this Realm. I will give you plans for you to succeed in all your efforts here on Earth if you will help succeed in mine. You have seen my soul, which I have allowed you to see. You know I speak the truth."

Lucifer frowns in curiosity. "You are something called an "Elder God". That's interesting. "You are a pointless thing in existence. Why should I deal with you, Shinnok?" Shinnok smiled. "You will deal with me as I have asked because you know that should something happen to me, I cannot tell you of your future. Our powers are too similar for you to take from my soul, and we are both powerful. It would be far more convenient for us to battle together against enemies that would be in our way."

Shinnok smiled, and then began to give Lucifer his plans. "In still yet another Earth Realm. . . there is a Wizard named Merlin. This Merlin is a powerful wizard (This is Merlin at his height of power in the series), a man capable of threatening either one of us. But together, there is nothing that can stop us against him. :: Meanwhile, in Camelot, Merlin and Gaius see Kratos standing in a Ritual Cave, where the God of War had been summoned. This cave, which they had just stumbled on by accident in a higher cavern, had stone statues standing in around a white circle where a bolt of thundering lightning struck the center of the circle. Out from the Circle came Kratos, bloodied and torn from many battles. Seeing the two strangers with glowing hands, he growled and readied himself to attack once again.

"Stop!" Gaius commanded Merlin and Kratos. "What is the meaning of this, and who are you?" He asked. Kratos began to explain that Pandora's Box had sent him there. After explaining the events of how he had arrived, battled with Zeus, and all the rest of what he could speak of, he found himself under the care of Merlin and Gaius, who gradually completely healed him. Gaius suddenly had an immense sense of evil approaching Camelot. One day Gaius ran into Merlin's room and brought Kratos with him. "You both have to get out of here! I have sense immense evils approaching the city. Get out of here. If you get caught using magic in the city, Uther will have your heads.' Amused, Kratos smirked, "Well we can't have that!" Gaius shrugged. . "No time to lose, Kratos, explain everything to Merlin while I alert the gaurd.

So, half an hour later. . .

Merlin and Kratos were at an unusual distance from the city. And Merlin had barely made sense of what was happening. "So, you're saying that this Mortal Kombat Tournament or something connects the Realms together, and now Shinnok and a strange, equally powerful source of evil has returned." Kratos spat on the ground, "Yes. But Shinnok's not anything I haven't faced before. All gods are alike."

Suddenly a portal had opened, and Lucifer walked into Merlin's view. "Ah, I see something promising in this fight. I never thought I'd feel so much power from a mortal. Either of them." Shinnok smirked. "Don't give your hopes up, Lucy." Shinnok then turned to Kratos. "Give us the boy's blood, and nothing happens." Kratos snarled, and readied the Blades of Olympus.

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2012-02-01, 09:41 AM
Lucifer wins. Lucifer wins so easily it's not even funny. Supernatural!Lucifer is so overpowered he can run over most of fiction without even trying.

An Enemy Spy
2012-02-03, 06:59 PM
As long as Merlin and Kratos don't have a 67 Impala full of childhood memorobilia and and a crippling co-dependent relationship with eachother, I say the side with the devil wins. His powers are never clearly defined, but he's definitely beyond anyone here.