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2012-01-30, 01:45 PM
so..I saw the last ever episode yesterday.
all in all I feel that the show never jumped the shark, and that it went out fighting.
I wouldn't mind a couple more episodes, should they find a good script, but that's not how these things work, and I don't think a full movie would make much sense.
I'm glad I followed it to the end and that they didn't quite go "and all lived happily ever after".. the bittersweet ending was more than I hoped for.

they did well in not letting the show go too much downhill (well..to my tastes..I'm sure other people have dropped it much earlier than the 5th season).

heck.. even Lester Patel stopped grating on my nerves by the end of the season (and he did so massively a season or two ago, so that's an accomplishment)
great cast, some great plotlines.. and I loved watching it and knowing I wasn't getting all the oblique or "in your face" references.. guests stars galore..and a fairly good attention to detail.
yeah..all in all..a pretty good show.