View Full Version : OOTS KickStarter Rewards Infographic

2012-01-31, 05:36 AM
Reading the sidebar on the kickstarter page, I found it a mess when I wanted to decide which level I wanted to back. I quickly got a headache, and wanted something visual.

I muddled through the headache to make this chart of the first 15 non-limited choices as of today. I'll see about updating as time goes on.

Enjoy :smallsmile:

If there are errors, let me know.


Elder Tsofu
2012-01-31, 05:47 AM
The biggest error was probably to use Rich's (do not use, no never) copyrighted art-work, but it did give a quite clear image.

It also states it goes to 85$ while it only goes to 84$, which might or might not be an actual error.

2012-01-31, 05:52 AM
...I didn't even think of that. Drat. I need to sleep for a few hours, but I will take it down after I wake up if it's an issue.