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2012-02-02, 05:12 PM
This might be a little dated, but oh well...

Whether you like or dislike the game, or whether or not you've decided to protest the game out of some grudge with Capcom business practices, you've got to admit: the crossover genre in games, movies, comic books, etcetera is a rare and wonderful treat. It introduces characters from completely different universes and gets two fanbases who were standing on opposite sides of the room to actually step across the convention hall and start talking already. But most importantly, or at least most relevently, it asks quite possibly the most important question:

Who Would Win?

The video games of this genre do a good job (usually) or balancing out gameplay so that every character can win at least a few matches, but we're not here for that. Sure in the games a lawyer can beat a cosmic horror and a photographer can beat a god (He's covered wars, ya know), but we're not here for that. We're here taking everyone's full capabilities, strengths and weaknesses into account. No gameplay video or health bar or stats will be useful here. This is all about the characters in their original media, be it video game or comic book.

The Rules:
1. Each character entry should take into account the original source material. For Marvel, this pretty much completely means the comic book character not the video game version. For Capcom, this means the game franchise the character's from.
2. Capcom characters have full access to any bizarre physics from the world of their origin. Viewtiful Joe has his movie-fighting style. Phoenix Wright can actually stun people and harm them on a psychological level with his evidence and "OBJECTION!" Street Fighter martial artists can actually shoot fireballs and are capable of the superhuman feats so often seen in their games.
3. Winning a match does not necessarily mean to the death. KO or imprisoning an enemy can also count. So just because someone's an immortal or has a healing factor doesn't mean they can't be beaten.
4. The results of each match are independent of one another. If Dark Phoenix happens to blow up the world in her match, it doesn't affect the other matches. The same goes for different rounds. Just because someone was brutally murdered and dismembered in one round doesn't affect their status in any other fight.
5. The scenario, battleground, and setup for each match is whatever the general consensus is the most likely. Generally speaking, most matches will assume both combatants are aware of each other's violent intents before the matches start.

And finally, the matches:

Round 1: (based off the reveal trailer)

1. Wolverine VS Ryu (Street Fighter)
2. Iron Man VS Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
3. Hulk VS Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)
4. Deadpool VS Dante (Devil May Cry)
5. Captain America VS Felicia (Darkstalkers)
6. Dr. Doom VS Chun Li (Street Fighter)
7. Super Skrull VS Trish (Devil May Cry)
8. Dormammu VS Viewtiful Joe
9. Thor VS Amaterasu (Okami)
10. X-23 VS Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends)
11. Spider-Man VS Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
12. Magneto VS Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)
13. MODOK VS Arhur (Ghosts and Goblins)
14. Storm VS Crimson Viper (Street Fighter 4)
15. She-Hulk VS Zero (Mega Man X)
16. Phoenix VS Haggar (Final Fight)
17. Taskmaster VS Akuma (Street Fighter)
18. Sentinel VS Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers)
19. Shuma Gorath VS Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
20. Hawkeye VS Firebrand (Ghosts and Goblins)
21. Ghost Rider VS Strider Hiryu (Strider)
22. Dr. Strange VS Nemesis (Resident Evil)
23. Iron Fist VS Vergil (Devil May Cry)
24. Nova VS Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
25. Rocket Raccoon VS Frank West (Dead Rising)

Round 2: (based off the extended cinematic for the game)

1. Nova VS Ryu
2. Hulk VS Haggar
3. Ghost Rider VS Dante
4. Dr. Strange VS Morrigan
5. Spider-Man VS Strider Hiryu
6. Deadpool VS Phoenix Wright (assume for the sake of argument that Deadpool has enough 4th wall and humor shenanigans that he'd actually be affected by Phoenix Wright's "fighting style" and operates under Ace Attorney logic)
7. Phoenix VS Albert Wesker
8. Wolverine VS Vergil
9. Hawkeye and Captain America VS Firebrand (If you think 2v1 is too unfair, make it two Firebrands for this fight.)
10. Iron Man VS Nathan Spencer
12. Thor VS Trish
13. Dormammu VS Amaterasu
14. Iron Fist VS Chun Li
15. X-23 VS Nemesis
16. Rocket Raccoon VS Viewtiful Joe
17. MODOK VS Zero
18. Tron Bonne VS Sentinel
19. Super Skrull VS Crimson Viper and Frank West (who if it gets too bad he can stay on the sidelines and it can just be Viper VS Skrull.)
20. Taskmaster VS Hsien-Ko
21. Dr. Doom VS Arthur
22. Magneto VS Galactus
23. Storm VS Akuma
24. She-Hulk VS Jill Valentine

and Round 3: (Some other matchups)

Wolverine VS Strider Hiru
Rocket Raccoon VS Chris Redfield
Spider-Man VS Frank West
She-Hulk VS Phoenix Wright in a pure courtroom battle.

2012-02-03, 12:33 PM
2. Iron Man VS Morrigan (Darkstalkers)

While I'm fairly sure we can hazard a guess how a fight between a womanising playboy and a actual sex demon is going to end, the real question is which of them can claim it as a victory. :smalltongue:

2012-02-03, 12:57 PM
4. Deadpool VS Dante (Devil May Cry)
I wish I knew more about Deadpool to be able to give this awesome match a fairer shake. But from what little I do know, Deadpool's main actual power - i.e. beyond breaking the fourth wall - is Wolverine-esque healing. Which I don't think will save him from Dante, who has ridiculously superman abilities thanks to his half-demon heritage, and has been able to slay full-blown demon lords. Plus if, as your rules say, he gets all of the unrealistic physics of his game, then once he gets Deadpool in a combo, he's pretty much done.

6. Dr. Doom VS Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Gee, super-genius with powerful magic at his fingertips vs martial arts chick. I think we all know how that'd go. :smalltongue: The martial arts chick wins due to being the protagonist, of course. What'd you think I meant?

7. Super Skrull VS Trish (Devil May Cry)
Hard to say. Alien with a solid variety of superpowers vs demon-spawn wielding lightning magic and the sword of a legendary demon hero. It's a genuinely interesting match-up, but I think I'd need to know more about both characters to give a guess.

8. Dormammu VS Viewtiful Joe
Demon Lord and conqueror of entire dimensions vs wannabe hero? Is this even a fight?

12. Magneto VS Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)
Spencer: "You can't win, I've got a Bionic Arm!"
Magneto: "Actually, that's exactly why you can't win." *slaps Spencer into unconsciousness with his own arm*

13. MODOK VS Arhur (Ghosts and Goblins)
Whichever one wins, I'm pretty sure that fight would be funny as hell. :smallsmile:

14. Storm VS Crimson Viper (Street Fighter 4)
16. Phoenix VS Haggar (Final Fight)
Can you say "one-sided?" Yeah, Viper and Haggar stand no chance in those match-ups.

23. Iron Fist VS Vergil (Devil May Cry)
Unfortunately I know fairly little about Iron Fist, but my guess would be Vergil would clean his clock. He's like Dante, only he embraces his demonic powers even more than his brother. (Oh, and he's from Devil May Cry, not Resident Evil - I fixed it in my quote, but you have it wrong in your post.)


2012-02-03, 01:25 PM
14. Storm VS Crimson Viper (Street Fighter 4)

I disagree this would be so one sided. I would think with viper getting lazer eyes if the fight were to take place indoors viper would win. but if it were outside storm wins it easily.

2012-02-03, 03:38 PM
So my predictions... At least for Round 1.

1. A tough call with Wolverine having the initial advantage due to his metal skeleton, but Ryu might get the edge if he can turn into Evil Ryu and start abusing the Dark Hadou or whatever it's called. Ryu
2. If covert shenanigans are allowed, Morrigan can shapeshift into a Stark employee, sleep with the boss, and sabotage the armor all in a night's work. Iron Man has a little more advantage in a straight-up air fight like in the trailer, and his suit might actually protect against any possible pheromones, but Morrigan is tricky and powerful. If she can't beat him in a pure power fight, she'll just feign injury until Iron Man lets down his guard. Morrigan
3. Chris is used to fighting giant monsters, but I don't think there's anything he can do against the Hulk. Hulk
4. As much as I'd root for Deadpool, and as fun a fight as it would be to watch, I just don't think there's much Deadpool can do to Dante. He could probably make fun of Dante's Oedipal complex with Trish, but that probably wouldn't even phase the demon hunter. Dante
5. Captain America, but he'd feel really bad about it. Also confused.
6. DOOOM!!!
7. Tough call. I never actually played as Trish in any of the games. In the end, I'd probably give it to Super Skrull on grounds of versatility, what with having all four Fantastic Four powers.
8. Not on your best day, Joe. Dormammu.
9. Tough call, but as Amaterasu is generally a goddess of peace and has to build up her strength a lot in her games, Thor is a god of war and always ready for battle. Thor.
10. I know very little about X-23 except that she's basically Summer Glau as an X-Men character, but from what little I do know I don't think she'd have any trouble slicing apart mechs and cleaving her way through hordes of adorable if ineffectual robot servants. X-23.
11. Haven't played enough of the Resident Evil games to really judge Wesker's capability, but I do think Spider-Man at least can survive all the quick-time events of RE with his spider sense. I'm going to go with Spider-Man.
12. I kind of feel bad for Nathan here...
13. Depends on how easily MODOK can hit Arthur and whether or not Arthur still loses all his armor after one hit. I don't think the hordes of AIM soldiers would be too much trouble given Arthur's experience at dealing with large mobs of enemies. I think probably MODOK in the end just because of technological advantages and giant head fights dirty.
14. If Crimson Viper can close to melee than she's got a shot, but otherwise I'm going to go with the woman who can summon tornados and thunderstorms at will. Not to mention if C. Viper is technology-based a heavy rainstorm will wreak havock on her equipment. Storm
15. A little tougher to call. She-Hulk may be a brute but she still has her intelligence about her, but Zero has a wide variety of weaponry. I'll guess She-Hulk on the grounds of superhuman endurance and a lot of Zero's weapons would probably bounce off.
16. I would've personally switched the next two fights to make them a little more even, but hey I didn't make the trailers. Obviously Phoenix.
17. Akuma. One-sided.
18. Depends if it's one Sentinel or if the Sentinel can call for backup and get the whole army in there. Actually, I'd probably go with Sentinel either way, but then again I don't know too much about Hsien-Ko.
19. Even augmented by Wesker, I don't think Jill stands much of a chance against an eldritch cosmic horror.
20. Hawkeye. Any advantage Firebrand gets from range is negated by Hawkeye's marksmanship, and a large variety of trick arrows ensures something will work.
21. Tough, mostly because Strider's relatively unknown to me, especially his capabilities in his original franchise. My gut says Ghost Rider, but I could be underestimating the ninja.
22. Strange. He's dealt with worse.
23. Vergil. Iron Fist never really struck me as being all that powerful of a superhero, staying on the same tier as Luke Cage and Daredevil.
24. Okay, I'm not saying Phoenix Wright stands any real chance against Nova. But I kind of like the challenge of trying to think how Wright could possibly beat Nova. I don't know much about Nova, just from what I've seen he's a sort of Marvel Green Lantern without the solid light constructs and more energy blasts and strength. IF Nova does get his powers from a higher authority, and IF Wright can get Nova in some sort of intergalactic court, and IF Wright has the slightest possibility of convicting Nova on some charge, maybe, just maybe, Wright can get Nova's powers and equipment legally revoked and beat him that way. But yeah, Nova.
25. This is by far the most amusing matchup on here. I'm picturing both in the Dead Rising shopping mall with Rocket Raccoon starting in a sporting goods store, and then the two just start this Looney-Toon-style chase sequence through the zombie-filled mall rigging up traps for each other. I think I'd eventually go with Rocket Raccoon on the basis of more advanced tech, but I think this whole fight would be amusing as hell.