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2012-02-02, 10:07 PM
I came up with some homebrew races, mostly enviromental variants on the existing ones (meant to replace their equivalents from UA, though substantially inspired by them) please let me know what you think.

Jungle Halflings:

There are many hazards when wandering the jungle. Not all of them are large.

The jungle halfling differs from the standard halfling in the following ways:

-2 CON, +2 INT. This in in addition to the normal halfling's ability score adjustments.
-Treat blowguns (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=230725) as a martial weapon. Jungle halflings frequently use blowguns to hunt their prey.
-Jungle halflings gain a +2 bonus to craft (poisons) when crafting natural contact or injury poisons. (Of Core contact and injury poisons, dragon bile, shadow essence, wyvern poison, and purple worm poison are considered non-natural).
-Jungle halflings have no bonus on attack rolls with slings and thrown weapons, and no bonus on jump and listen checks.
-Alignment: Usually Chaotic Evil. Jungle halflings serve Lolth, just as the drow do.

Jungle kobolds:

You'd think enemies of those jungle halflings must be a decent sort. You'd be wrong.

Jungle kobolds differ from the standard kobold in the following ways:

-Jungle kobolds live in the high mountains of the jungle, and so are always considered acclimated to high altitudes.
-Jungle kobolds get a +2 racial bonus to climb checks, and use dexterity rather than strength as their key ability for the climb skill. This replaces the normal kobold’s bonus to profession(miner) and craft(trapmaking).
-Jungle kobolds do not have darkvision or light sensitivity.
-Jungle kobolds treat blowguns as a martial weapon, and get a +1 bonus to Craft (poison) when crafting natural contact or injury poisons. Jungle kobolds use largely the same tactics as their sworn foes, but are somewhat less adept at creating poisons.
-Jungle kobolds get a +1 bonus on attack rolls against halflings.

Jungle gnomes:

So you think you can take on a master? You will learn better. And perhaps then, you will learn.

Isolated from most other races by a mighty ocean, jungle gnomes are renowned for their wisdom among those who know of them.

Jungle gnomes differ from the standard gnome in the following ways:

-2 STR, +2 WIS, -2 CHA. This replaces the gnome’s normal ability modifiers.
-30' base movement speed. Jungle gnomes move with a quickness that surprises outsiders.
-Jungle gnomes do not have low-light vision, and get no bonus to illusion spell DCs. They also do not get any spell-like abilities except Speak with Animals.
-No racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds or goblinoids. Jungle gnomes have no significant enemies.
-No dodge bonus to Armor Class against giants.
-Jungle gnomes get a +2 racial bonus on Craft (shipbuilding) and Swim checks. The land of the jungle gnomes has many rivers, and boats are the preferred method of travel.
-Jungle gnomes get a +2 racial bonus on Use Rope checks: Jungle gnomes consider rope the most useful tool on their boats.
-When attacking (including combat maneuvers) with monk weapons (including unarmed strikes), a jungle gnome may add his dexterity modifier to the attack roll instead of his strength modifier. The weapon need not be eligible for Weapon Finesse.
-Jungle gnomes get +6 to disarm checks. Jungle gnomes are known for their skill at depriving others of their weapons.
-No racial bonus on Listen or Craft (alchemy) checks.
-Favored Class: Monk


Lorgs seem to be related to orcs, but are substantially more piglike in appearance. Some have hypothesized that orcs are a crossbreed between lorgs and a now-extinct race.

+4 STR, -2 DEX, +4 CON, -4 INT, -2 CHA. Lorgs are strong and tough, but stupid, clumsy, and often disliked.
+2 bonus natural armor bonus
Favored class: Barbarian
LA: +1