View Full Version : A flavorful yet fulfilling [PF] Druid

2012-02-09, 07:38 PM
So, the other day I started playing in a nautical campaign. I'm fairly familiar with Pathfinder now (been DMing a game for a little while), but despite extensive play in 3.5, and my PF campaign, I have never once played a Druid.

What I'm really looking for is just a few helpful hints and tips to really get the most bang for my buck, both mechanically and fluff-wise.

So far, He's something along the lines of:

Str - 18, Dex - 14, Con - 14? (away from sheet),Int - 12, Wis - 18, Cha - 8

Animal Companion is a Hawk

Skills - ranks went into Swim, Prof (Sailor), Perception, Knowledge (Nature) and two others..

Feats - Power Attack and Spell Focus (Conjuration)

Two handing a greataxe, carrying a few throwing axes (DM let me use the greataxe without penalty)

Fluff wise, think a viking of sorts. Leather Armor, dark blue-green cloak. Big beard tied into knots with seaweed. Quiet and stoic normally, furious and brutal in combat.

I did glance over Treantmonks druid guide, so I plan to add an int to my hawk and give him more advanced commands (Find dry land, follow that ship)

Were at level 1, so no wildshaping yet. I plan on using lots of Summon Nature's Ally spells (summoned up a dolphin to help fight a shark in game, lots of laughs as he took it out). Wildshape sounds like the route I will travel the most, turning into Lions and Tigers and Bears and whatnot..

Anyway, the only book the DM is giving us access to is the Core and Bestiary.
If you guys can come up with anything else that may add anything flavorful or mechanically superior, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance.