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2012-02-10, 03:37 AM
I'm looking to put together a character that wields multiple weapons simultaneously, and while I think I've got a build that will suffice for my intents, I'm hopeful that someone can check my work to make sure that I'm not missing a rules violation or other similar mistake. That aside, I'm also hopeful to get some input as to how to improve upon it.

To that end.
Fighter1 (1st level feat Ghost Hand, Human Feat Poltergeist Hand, Fighter feat Multi-Weapon Fighting.)
Eidalon1 (Eidalon Feat Improved Poltergeist Hand.)
Swashbuckler1 (Weapon Finesse as a class feature, Skilled Telekinesis 3rd level feat.)
Battle Dancer 1
Warblade 1
Human Paragon 1 (Multitasking, 6th level feat.)
Human Paragon 2 (Human bonus feat)
Human Paragon 3
Master of the Unseen Hand 1 (9th level feat)

The way that I envision it working is that
-Ghost Hand grants Mage Hand at touch range.
-Poltergeist Hand grants 1+cha mod Poltergeist hands, not all of which can be in my actual hand, meaning that the character can now carry multiple weapons at once. Additionally, maintaining them doesn't require concentration.
-Multi-weapon fighting is now viable because I have (presuming Cha 12 or higher) essentially 4 hands available.

So at 1st level, I can have as many weapons ant therefore attacks at hand as I have hands, minimum 4 (Cha 13 is a prerequisite for the feats, so at least 2 ghost hands and 2 regular hands.) I'm planning to stick with Daggers for now so as to minimize the likelyhood of the DM getting upset with me having this many attacks at 1st level and as part of the flavor (floating daggers everywhere.)

-Improved Poltergeist Hand grants Telekinesis effect, allowing for entry into Master of the Unseen Hand, but since only Eidalon and Warblade have Concentration for the first five levels, I'll be stacking the rest of the points needed in Human Paragon. This doesn't help with the weapons for quite some time until halfway through MOTUH, but it should prove useful in and of itself. The level in Warblade should net me some versatility in combat beyond multiple attacks, and the dip in Battle Dancer allows me to function even if completely disarmed, while also granting Charisma to AC while unarmored (which will cut down on costs of defenses like armor so that I can focus on paying to beef up the weapons used.)

-Human Paragon grants the Concentration options for MOTUH, as well as some great options on its own like Adaptive learning.
-Picking up Skilled Telekinesis allows for more sophisticated uses of the Mage Hands like UMD, and Multi-tasking will allow the hands to be used in separate pairs for alternate options (Bow in one set, blades in another, and a pair of wands in the other.)

Savage Species,
Lords of Madness,
Unearthed Arcana,
Complete Arcane,
Dragon Magazine Compendium,
Complete Warrior.