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2012-02-10, 10:28 PM
Hey gang!
I was stumbling through the rokugan campaign setting and I discovered there is a variant that lets you use constitution to determine the DCs of your spells if you're an earth shugenja. Also, I was thinking of mixing this up with incarnate and Sapphire Hierarch for one of my NPCs. The question is I need to be able to access the law domain to be able to become a sapphire hierarch, but from what I know shugenjas do not have access to domains. Is there a variant that gives shugenja access to cleric domains? If not I will just make it work anyways despite what the book says, but I would prefer to use a legit. way of getting into the class.
Secondly, since this character is going to be stacking constitution, are there any constitution based class features/feats/abilities that I could acquire through feats or prestige options?
This NPC concept is intended to be a powerful enemy, in fact, one I have written a chapter revolving around. So I don't particularly want to rebuild him into a cleric instead. Because they're boring... like paper plates.

Thanks in advance for those who reply.

2012-02-10, 10:46 PM

X bonus to y stat should be a good place to start


This handbook should also help for Shugenja building.


Dumbledore lives
2012-02-10, 10:51 PM
I was actually trying to do this before, though with different classes. I believe Contemplative from Complete Divine can give you a bonus domain, which could be law.

As for con Fist of the Forest will get you it to AC, but it will be difficult with a casting class, and will lose you a caster level. Looks like 2 bind vestige feats from Tome of Magic will get you half of it to AC, though that's not all that great.

2012-02-10, 11:10 PM
Thanks Deuxhero, that shugenja handbook will help and the x/y thing is ok too, pity there are so few features based on con :(

Dumbledore, I completely forgot about the contemplative, That's easy for me to build into and out of!

2012-02-11, 12:12 AM
The Draconomicon version of the spell Scintillating Scales will give you a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Con mod, and also increase your natural armor by half of that. It's changed in the Spell Compendium, though, to instead turn your existing natural armor bonus into deflection.

And Diamond Mind maneuvers from Tome of Battle can let you use Concentration checks for all kinds of crazy things.

2012-02-14, 10:22 AM
cool cheers chronos, I have been told that the crusader is pretty hard, my friend argued that it's the strongest of the ToB classes, would you agree?

2012-02-14, 05:19 PM
Crusader vs. Warblade is largely a matter of taste: Crusaders don't have to spend an action to refresh their maneuvers, but you can't guarantee what maneuvers they'll have available at any given moment (well, you can, but it requires some optimization tricks). More to the point, though, crusaders don't have access to Diamond Mind maneuvers unless you spend a feat on each one: You need Warblade or Swordsage for class access to Diamond Mind.