View Full Version : Hawke, And The Warden, And The Dragonborn, and the BhaalSpawn, v.s things in Fiction.

2012-02-12, 06:37 AM
What is there in fiction that would take the Warden, Hawke, Dragonborn and Bhaalspawn to team together and kill? I'm curious, genuinely so, since it seems like they could all be interperated as being extrememly powerful in their settings, and have observable feats on par with eachother, at least, I think.

Hawke can defeat quite a bit, I'm not sure how powerful he is in relation to the others, although it is heavily implied by Flemeth's narration that he is indeed Uber. The Warden, likewise, fought past the Archdemon, and Mother.
Dragonborn's shouts can decimate armies, and The Bhaalspawn's just plain powerful.

2012-02-12, 11:09 AM
I am not sure they can actually win and beat those 4 people, but the 7 Homunculus from FMA Manga/Brotherhood Anime would certainly create a lot of carnage.

Remember in the manga they are purposefully not trying to kill the heroes till the promised day and the villains plan is set into motion.

2012-02-12, 02:01 PM
I'm really not sure how you can have a proper versus thread with these characters since so much about them and their abilities depends on how the player builds them. The disparity in power between the various possible builds of the Bhaalspawn alone makes it nearly impossible to present an even match unless his/her class/race combination is defined. The closest any of them get to consistency is Hawke, who is probably one of the weaker members here, but even though his/her incarnations are at a similar level there's still an awful lot of difference about what specifically each of them can potentially do.