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Barbarian MD
2012-02-13, 04:31 PM
So, I was thinking about Hyudra's Creature of Legend (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9077277&postcount=1173), and while it's a fantastic approach, there is a type of monster that it doesn't quite fit, flavor-wise.

I'm thinking of a mighty, godzilla-sized, monstrous warrior, something that uses both manufactured weapons and natural attacks, but is more Warrior than Monster. A player for whom the whole "acid blood/breath weapon/poison fangs/divine casting" just doesn't fit.

So instead I'm proposing a rather simple alternate class feature to replace some of the class features gained at level 2. These aim to give the creature abilities appropriate to its large size. I'd definitely appreciate your suggestions or thoughts.

Creature of Colossal Destruction

A Creature of Colossal Destruction (CoCD) must be at least Huge in size. At Level 2, instead of gaining a second Fabled Power and a Legendary Power, the CoCD instead gains the following:

The Improved Grab (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#improvedGrab) special ability. At 10 HD, this improves to Multigrab, which reduces the penalty to -10 for only using the part of the body that initiated the grapple, and at 20 HD this improves to Greater Multigrab, which negates the penalty entirely.
Additionally, at 10 HD, a CoCD gains the Crush ability of a True Dragon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/dragonTrue.htm), following the same rules. The base damage for a Huge creature is 2d8, Gargantuan is 4d6, and Colossal is 4d8. As with a dragon, this ability only works against creatures 3 size categories smaller.
Finally, for every 6 HD that a CoCD has, choose one of the following abilities:

Fling Enemy, as per the feat in Savage Species
Improvised Enemy: You may make a grapple check at a -20 penalty against an enemy at least two sizes smaller than yourself. If you succeed, you may use your enemy as a one-handed bludgeoning weapon with the same statistics as a Club sized appropriately for you. If your enemy is three or more size categories smaller than yourself, reduce damage as appropriate. When you strike an enemy with your new "club," both the grappled enemy and your target take damage. You do not take a -4 penalty for using an improvised weapon, but you must succeed on an opposed grapple check each round to maintain the hold; this is a nonaction.
Area Attack, as per the feat in Savage Species
Trample, with base damage as above for Crush.
Swallow Whole, available to CoCD that are Colossal in size, as per the rules for a Tarrasque (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/tarrasque.htm).

Barbarian MD
2012-02-14, 09:47 AM
50 views and not even a "seems balanced to me?" Does anyone have any comments?

2012-02-14, 09:50 AM
Sure. Seems OK.

2012-02-16, 01:16 AM
i approve. this was a good idea.

Barbarian MD
2012-02-16, 11:07 AM
Is the rate of gain for the last feature (x/6HD) good? I had initially put it at x/5, but then thought 4 feat-equivalents might be too much.

2012-02-16, 11:29 AM
I think that its good, especially since the original version wasn't really meant to be used into epic as much as players here seem to use it.

As for the feats, if memory serves, the only other ability that the CoL gets that grants feats is the Breath Weapon ability in the form of Metabreath feats X/8 HD. Given that before epic levels that would only mean 2 bonus metabreath feats, I think that being able to choose 3 feats with your version is modest.

Its when people go beyond that [lets say lvl 30] and run out of feats to choose from. I might just be shooting myself in the foot for suggesting it, but maybe you should give some options similar to the Poison option that can be obtained multiple times for when such occasions happen? As to what to add... I'm at a lose in that department atm, but I can try to think up something at least suggestion wise.

2012-02-16, 11:35 AM
I think there's two better options, here, as the idea, when CoL was created, was to have there be multiple templates for different design directions, rather than one for all flavors of badass creature.

There's enough creatures out there that rely on sheer size, brute force, intimidation and just plain strength to do what they need to do, that a dedicated option is warranted. Minotaur, giant, ogre, bulette...

#1 is to go for something like the 'Brute'. Make it a class that thrives on strength, not limited to monsters.

#2 would be to make another monster prestige class, based around the Titanic Creature template. Same idea.

Something like...

Titanic Creature
Prestige/Template Monster Class
Monster Manual II

To become a Titanic Creature, a creature must fulfill the following requirements:
4 or more HD.
At least one level in a monster class.
Must have a Natural Attack.
Must be corporeal.
Must have eaten the entirety of a magical creature or caster with a CR higher than one's own HD (only if appropriate to one's diet) or have spent at least a week living and foraging for food in a location where the forces of nature have deviated from the norm.

In this case, 'deviating from the norm' implies an area under a persistent magical or divine effect (such as an unhallow or a persistent control weather) or a special location (such as time spent living -not as a soul, but alive- in Elysium, or in the Mournlands of Ebberon). The time spent need not be continuous, but should apply to one area.

HD: D8
{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort|Ref|Will |Special
1st|+1|+2|+0|+0| Titanic Body, Powerful Build
2nd|+2|+3|+0|+0| Relentless, Brute Power
3rd|+3|+3|+1|+1| Bulk
4th|+4|+4|+1|+1| Growth, Brute Power
5th|+5|+4|+1|+1| Brute Power
6th|+6|+5|+2|+2| Devastate, Brute Power
7th|+7|+5|+2|+2| Growth, Colossal Power
8th|+8|+6|+2|+2| Unstoppable
9th|+9|+6|+3|+3| Great Bulk, Colossal Power
10th|+10|+7|+3|+3| Growth, Colossal Power
11th|+11|+7|+3|+3| Titanic Power
12th|+12|+8|+4|+4| Annihilate, Titanic Power
13th|+13|+8|+4|+4| Growth, Titanic Power
Skill Points 4+Int per level
Class Skill Skills: As Base Creature

Proficiencies: Titanic Creatures do not gain any new proficiencies.

Titanic Body: Unlike other monster classes, the creature's original racial traits are retained. If the base creature was an animal, it becomes a Magical Creature. If the base creature was vermin, it gains Magical Creature as an augmented subtype.

Powerful Build: A Titanic Creature's frame lets it perform in many ways as though it were one size category larger than it was. Whenever it is subjected to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as grapple checks, trip attempts and bull rush attempts), it is treated as though it were one size category larger if that is advantageous to it. It is also considered to be one size category larger for the purposes of determining whether special attacks based on size can affect it. Finally, if the creature has the capacity to wield weapons, it can wield weapons one size category larger without penalty. The creature's space and reach remain appropriate to its size.

Relentless: A second level Titanic Creature does not go down easily. Provided it has 75% or more of its hitpoints remaining (round up), the Titanic Creature can shrug off a negative effect from a hostile source (any non-dying condition, magical effect, curse, psionic effect, spell like ability, etc. that originates from a foe). It may do this once per hour. The Titanic Creature gains +2 to all saves until the ability is refreshed.

Brute Power: A second level Titanic Creature gains a special ability. Choose one of the following:
On a successful hit, the creature deals damage to every foe adjacent to its target. It deals 1d6 damage for every 3 HD it has. This damage cannot be avoided.
The creature is an unstoppable juggernaut, and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
The creature can crush a foe. Whenever it makes a bull rush, if the bull rush pushes an opponent into a wall or other solid object, it stops as normal. However, its momentum crushes it against the foe, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage for every HD it has, plus twice its strength bonus.
The creature may leverage its great strength to toss its opponents about like rag dolls. To fling an opponent, the creature must first grab them, using the first three stages of a standard grapple (it takes an attack of opportunity, makes a melee touch attack, and makes an opposed grapple check). Feats, spells and magic items that benefit grapples serve to aid this stage of the Fling, as appropriate.

If successful in grabbing the foe, the creature does standard slam damage and may throw the opponent 10 feet, plus five feet for every 4 points it beat their grapple check result. Thrown foes take 1d6 damage for every 10 feet thrown (or distance they would have be thrown had they not hit something en route), plus twice the creature's Str mod. If the victim collides with an obstacle or another individual, they stop in an adjacent square and the same amount of damage is dealt to the obstacle or individual in the target square. If there is a vertical drop as a consequence of the fling, the thrown foe and any struck foes suffer the appropriate falling damage.

Individuals who would be struck by a thrown foe may make a reflex save (DC is 10 + ½ Giant's HD, plus creature's Str mod) to avoid being struck.
The creature may make a demolish attack, striking at a solid object with a sweep of his weapon or fist, crushing stone and wood in a shower of splinters and rock shards, oftentimes as devastating to the enemy as a strike of its claw. The targeted object, which must be of at least small size, takes 1d12 structural damage for every 2HD of the creature, plus its Strength bonus. The shower of stone shards and splinters emanates in a cone originating at the point of impact, in a direction of the creature's choosing. The cone is 10' in length, plus 5' for every 2HD of the creature. For every enemy within the cone, roll a 1d8 and consult the following chart:
{TABLE]Result | Effect | Mechanic
1| Dust | Foe is blinded.
2| Splinters | Foe suffers piercing damage.
3| Shards | Foe suffers slashing damage.
4| Concussive Force| Foe suffers sonic damage and is deafened.
5| Rubble | Foe suffers blunt damage and is knocked 1d3 squares (5'-15') back.
6| Detritus | Foe suffers blunt damage and loses 10' of land movement (min 5'). Flying foes drop 1 step in maneuverability, becoming flightless if they drop below clumsy.
7| Crushing Wreckage | Foe suffers blunt damage and takes 2 Con damage.
8| Devastating Strike | Roll twice for this target
Results 2-7 deliver 1d4+½Str damage. Blindness, Deafness and Con damage may be prevented with a Fortitude save (DC is 10 + ½ creature's HD + creature's Str bonus). The incidental damage and the structural damage increase one die in size as the giant changes size categories. Blindness, deafness and mobility loss may be healed with a DC15 heal check or 1 hour of time. Ability score damage is healed as normal.
The creature may make any melee attack into a swat attack. It forgoes its strength bonus to damage, but knocks a hit target 5' in the direction of its choice. Increase the distance a creature is swatted by 5' for every 5HD of the creature and for every step larger the creature is than the target.

Enemies who are knocked into obstacles must make a balance test (DC is 10 + the damage dealt + the creature's Str modifier) or fall prone. If an enemy is knocked into another enemy's square, both foes must make balance tests.

Flying enemies must pass the same balance test or lose flying for 1 round per size category the creature has over them.
Or two of the following:
DR equal to ½ the Creature's HD. If the creature already has DR from another source, it gains +5 DR instead. This cannot raise a creature's DR to a value greater than its HD.
SR equal to 11+HD.
The creature can ignore difficult terrain.

Bulk: At third level, a Titanic Creature has built up layers of raw physical mass, allowing it to absorb great amounts of damage. The Creature is considered to have 1.5 times the Con bonus for determining hitpoints per HD. This is applied retroactively. Creatures without Con may use ½ their Str bonus instead.

Devastate: At sixth level, the Titanic Creature may initiate a Devastate attack once per hour. The ability is activated as a free action, and consequently, the Titanic Creature deals 2 Con damage to foes struck by any of its attacks or Titanic Creature class features until the end of its turn.

Unstoppable: An eighth level Titanic Creature is not unlike a force of nature, refusing to slow down or succumb to hostile magics. A Titanic Creature with 75% or more of its hitpoints remaining gets +4 to all saves and any checks to resist maneuvers initiated by enemies (such as balance checks against trip or strength checks vs. overrun). A Titanic Creature with at least half its hitpoints remaining gets +2. This upgrades/overrides the benefit of Relentless.

Great Bulk At ninth level, a Titanic Creature has accumulated impressive amounts of muscle, (or whatever passes for muscle in creatures of its type) leaving it incredibly resilient. Titanic Creatures are considered to have twice the Con bonus for the purposes of determining hitpoints per HD, applied retroactively. This upgrades/overrides the benefit of Bulk.

Annihilate: At twelfth level, the Titanic Creature improves its Devastate ability, and instead delivers Annihilate attacks. This works in the same manner as Devastate, using the same per-day activations, but inflicts 4 Con damage instead.

Nothing yet

Note: Incomplete. This is just an outline I had a long while back that I never got around to finishing.

2012-02-16, 02:23 PM
Yowch! :smalleek: Time to throw a really big shark into my seas! Carcharion has an avatar.

Looks good, uh, ok, not so good for my players, but whatever.

Barbarian MD
2012-02-16, 07:46 PM
Hyudra, I demand that you finish your template immediately! :smallbiggrin:

I do have a concern that it's a bit long, though. 13 levels is a lot to tack on, especially considering that there must have already been an investment of RHD on the front end (impending awesome titanic powers and growth notwithstanding).

If you were forced to limit it to only 4 or fewer levels, what would you envision for it? (Not saying you have to stat it out, but I'd more just be interested in hearing your thought process).

2012-02-17, 12:22 AM
I spaced it out over that many levels because the MMII version, IIRC, is intended to extend that far. If you wanted to shorten it, hrmm.

1st - Titanic Body, Powerful Build, Devastate
2nd - Relentless, Choice of 1 major titanic power or 2 minor.
3rd - Bulk, Choice of 1 major titanic power or 2 minor.
4th - Growth, Choice of 1 major titanic power or 2 minor.

Titanic body, powerful build, relentless, bulk, growth - as stated
Devastate - 2 con damage on melee attacks made vs. foes smaller than you.
Power list - needs to be fleshed out (suggestions welcome).

Simple enough.