View Full Version : Smell those fresh series!

2012-02-13, 05:42 PM
For all those series that don't have a large enough fan base to make it worth wile to have their own thread, this is for you. also for all those series that seemed to have gotten some funding for a second wind, this too is a place for you.

first on my list: House of Lies (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1797404/)
This series tells the Story of Marti Kaan, a successful management consultant showing us a bit of the world of the slickest men and women. meanwhile Marty has to deal with his gay/transgender son who seems to have a habit of getting into trouble. In short: Sex, Money, Drugs, Sex (again), and Family.

personal verdict: slightly addictive with all the fast paced action marty's life throws at him. (4/5), not suited for minors!

The Hank is back!
After Season 4's great ending with the death of a rock star (that tells you something, because rock stars are made of adamantium and are apparently more resilient then anything mother nature seems to throw at them), a conviction for statutory rape we all thought we would never see Hank any more (and good too, we would start taking prozac for Hank's troubles). But now he's back, he's back from NY, back in business, and this time in da hood with Apocalypse Samurai, which, as history teaches us, nothing good will come from.

personal verdict: well, at the memo that hank would be back I cried NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The series had a great end, wasn't drawn out for far too long (only a bit) and it was done. However, after see´ng the first episaode of the very fresh season 5 my first thought was: "not bad...", which changed to "rather nice" and ended up with "ok, ok, i'll follow Californication again..." 3.5/5

Anyone want to contribute?