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2012-02-16, 08:59 AM
The Almanach of Antimagical Alchemy

"You have all heard it, Gentlemen: if a real wizard wants to kill you, you are dead. If you want to kill a real wizard, you are dead too, or you'll never find him, if he is rather inclined to let you live.
But we can level the playing field, to a degree. Not as much as you'd like, certainly. But we can give you a fighting chance against a wizard taken unaware, or outnumbered. Using it is up to you.
-Sergeant Taber Dews, Instructor of the Antimagic Division


Kentrum, or Spire metal as it is also called around the ring, is only found on the innermost circle of the outlands, and, just as those places do, it is infused with antimagical properties: in fact, magical effects merely touching certain complicated, refined alloys of Kentrum are unraveled and dispelled. The Rilmani, the spire's outsider inhabitants, use it liberally when hunting spellcasters that upset the magical balance, and it is used in many magical items, such as antimagical shackles and spellbreakers.
In it's natural form, Kentrum is a dull, brassy colour, but once it has been tempered, alloyed and worked into items, it shines as bright as real gold, if not brighter, and is just as hard as steel.

Kentrum Weapons

Metallic melee weapons can be made from Kentrum at an additional cost of +20000 gold pieces. They have the unique ability to dispel magical effects on enemies struck with them. This functions as a use-activated, targeted Dispel Magic that is activated upon hitting a target, with a caster level equal to the wielder's base attack bonus +5, but counts as an extraordinary effect.

Kentrum Armour

Metallic armour can also be made from Kentrum at a cost of 20'000 gold pieces. It gives the user spell resistance of 15+the wielder's charisma bonus (if he has one) that counts as an extraordinary effect, as well as a save bonus of +1 (for light armour), +2 (for medium armour) or +4 (for heavy armour) against all spells.

Kentrum Dust

Finely powdered Kentrum dust is used most often as a screen when retreating from trigger-happy battlemages, but can also be successfully used in a variety of other tactics.
A dose of Kentrum Dust can be thrown as a grenade-like weapon with a range increment of ten feet. Upon impact, a cloud of metallic dust rises up in a five-foot radius around the point of impact. It takes 2d4 rounds for the dust to settle, at which point it loses its effect. This dust has two effects: First, it provides 20% concealment against all attacks that go through the cloud. Second, all spells that allow spell resistance can not draw line of effect through the cloud and are automatically dispelled if their areas intersect with any point of the cloud. This is an extraordinary, nonmagical effect.

Cost: 2000 gold per dose.

Okay. More to come later (at least one more Kentrum Item, and two other metals), but here's the problem: these things are damn expensive. They are currently priced more or less as magical items doing the described effects plus some eyeballing, but I'm not sure if they should be made cheaper or not.