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2012-02-17, 10:42 AM
This is a homerule I would like to have evaluated.

When you miss with all attacks in your turn you get a token that is worth a +1 per tier bonus attack roll modifier. This token can be spent anytime. Any tokens not used by the end of the day are lost. These tokens are imaginary, so they don't weigh anything, and it would be metagaming to have your character talk about them.

2012-02-18, 11:15 PM
I wouldn't say "all attacks in a turn" as most characters get 1 maybe two if their lucky and get an AoO. I would change it to something along the lines of "does not land a hit for X consecutive turns (caveat: must actually make an attack roll each turn or it resets the count) to get the token." If playing with genearly unoptimized players the occasional boost to the critical attack roll (best on Daily's) can increase their effectivness well.

2012-02-19, 11:30 AM
By "any time", do you mean that the character can spend them after making an attack roll if they're unsatisfied with the result, and can spend several at once?

2012-03-12, 04:33 PM
Anytime during the attack, before you know if it hit.

2012-03-12, 05:16 PM


2012-03-12, 06:07 PM
The system is based on the assumption that +1 means as much to a 30th level character as it means to a 1st level one. The scaling bonus seems unnecessary. Not to mention exploitable. I see high level wizards punching weak enemies, so they can have a better chance unleashing their daily later in the day.

Having said that, I get what you're going for. If luck is against you, an increasing bonus to ensure that you don't spend the whole combat whiffing is a good thing. I'm pretty sure there's a weapon enchant in AV1 that does just this; every power used (remembering that basic attacks are a power) that doesn't hit anything gives you a cumulative +1 to hit. Capped at the weapon's enchant value, resets after you hit with a power or you take any sort of rest. Turning this into a universal property of all magic weapon wouldn't be a bad houserule. Your bonus scales with how many turns you spent frustrated, while the ease of wiping out accumulated bonus makes this trickier to game.