View Full Version : Looking for old spoof movie

2012-02-20, 03:19 AM
I'm looking for this film that i watched when i was...like, 5, i probably shouldnt have, but i digress. I can only remember very specific things about the film. The film was about an old italian(?) man, who as a little boy literally swam to america and made a fortune, i remember a joke about him having been shot something like 34 times and surviving. and i remember that the old mans still alive mother had a lot of prune juice related fart jokes. I also remember a joke when the man was a young boy , he met this girl, and they wished on a star, he made a wish for the girl to have a bigger chest. and it came true.

Does anyone have any idea what i am talking about? or am i just rambling?
If you have no idea, please don't repond. Any help i can get is much appreciated.

Dark Tira
2012-02-20, 05:14 AM
Was it this one? Mafia (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120741/)