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2012-02-24, 01:54 PM
I've recently toyed with a campaign idea which would involve THE HEROES OF THE INTERNET.(TM)
So players would be like Afroninja or StarwarsKid battling the Pedobear etc.

I see two possibilities to go - a more realistic type of game ( might be even a grim one in the likeness of "Kickass" comic). where the Heroes (or "Heroes") would be average people who have somehow deluded themselves that they should be superheroes. And then meet up lets say on some con and then something really mysterious or criminal etc. happens and they jump into action
Something I think I could run in GURPS.

Other idea would be unrealistic (and most likely something reaaally silly) - the Internet heroes would really be the stereotypes/tulpas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa)/etc. from the webs. Either magically/technically brought to our real world, or battling their battles in the awesome Tubelandia, or maybe have an alternate Earth which is like"Who framed Roger Rabbit?", with netties and norms.
That would probably require some more freeform gaming system. I've heard about the system called "Toon" it sounds like something that could suit the "Tubelandia" kind of campaign I guess?

I look for suggestions for game-systems, or ideas what kind of enemies our heroes could battle or mysteries to solve, or maybe Ideas what else kind of campaigns these heroes might have in addition of those I presented.

What would you think of this idea in general: Would any of you play in something like this?

2012-02-24, 08:25 PM
It sounds like a fun one-shot idea, but I don't think I'd have the patience to continue playing in a full campaign. Everything would stop being funny and I'd take it too seriously.

For a session or two? Sounds great! I don't know anything about Toon though, so I can't recommend it. I'd also suggest not using GURPS. Too serious of a system for this.