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2012-02-29, 12:40 AM
Blasting(fire, ice, lightning, or force)
A blasting weapon allows its wielder to blast his foes with elemental power. A blasting weapon carries a set number of charges, based upon the caster level of the echantment that refresh each mourning at dawn. By saying the command word and pointing at the foe with the weapon, a bolt of the enchantment strikes out at the foe dealing 3d6(3d4 for force) damage of the element(reflex save DC 14 for half damage), up to 100ft.

Strong evocation ; CL 6th(6 charges), CL7(7 charges), CL8(8charges),ect up to CL10(10charges); Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning, creator must be a druid; Price 32400gp+1800per CL above 6.

2012-02-29, 11:48 AM
It might help if the DC would increase for the higher level versions.

Also at what range? If melee, is this damage in addition to the normal weapon damage?

2012-02-29, 06:01 PM
nah, as it is 10+spell level+ attribute, and assuming lowest attribute possible for the spell level. it's call lightning so third, with a 13, so 10+4=14. the fact you can do it over and over is the nice bit...

added 100ft range.

thanks for commenting! any one else?

2012-03-01, 04:52 AM
Why does crafting it require being a druid?

2012-03-01, 07:04 AM
call lightning

Bovine Colonel
2012-03-01, 01:31 PM
Why not make it work with, say, Fireball? Or Lightning Bolt, or Ice Storm, or Magic Missile with a minimum level spell slot?