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2012-02-29, 02:47 AM
Yes, it's everyone's favorite immortal amnesiac from Planescape: Torment (except in this case, without the immortality or amnesia, since he's, y'know, dead). Now available in 3.5 flavor!

Note: This uses the Weapon Groups variant rule. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/buildingCharacters/weaponGroupFeats.htm)


The Nameless One
Medium Outsider (Human)
HD 20d10+20d6+20d4+20d8 (884.5 HP, rounds down to 884)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares);
Init: +7
AC 17 (+7 Dex); touch 17 (+7 Dex); flat-footed 10
BAB +50; Grp +50
Attack +1 Heavy Mace +60 (1d8+8, 20/x2)
Full-Attack +1 Heavy Mace +60/+55/+50/+45 (1d8+8, 20/x2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks 20th level Wizard Spellcaster, Raise Dead, Stories-Bones-Tell
Special Qualities darkvision 60ft, Fast Healing 15, SR 85 (5+HD), Resistance to Fire/Cold/Acid 10, Resistance to Electricity 5, Damage Reduction 5/-, Sneak Attack +10d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trap Sense +6, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Deceased, Bonus Feats, Former Player Character, Proficiencies, Memories of Life, No Fate
Saves Fort +49 Ref +43 Will +43
Abilities Str 25, Dex 25, Con 25, Int 25, Wis 25, Cha 25
Skills Appraise +13, Balance +32, Bluff +32, Climb +32, Concentration +32, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +32, Craft (Trapmaking) +32, Craft (Tombs) +32, Decipher Script +32, Diplomacy +32, Disable Device +32, Disguise +32, Escape Artist +13, Forgery +32, Gather Information +32, Handle Animal +13, Heal +13, Hide +32, Intimidate +32, Jump +32, Knowledge (Arcana) +32, Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) +32, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +32, Knowledge (Geography) +32, Knowledge (History) +32, Knowledge (Local) +32, Knowledge (Nature) +32, Knowledge (Nobility/Royalty) +32, Knowledge (Religion) +32, Knowledge (The Planes) +32, Listen +32, Move Silently +32, Open Lock +32, Profession (Cartography) +32, Ride +13, Search +32, Sleight of Hand +32, Spellcraft +32, Spot +32, Survival +32, Swim +13, Tumble +13, Use Magic Device +32, Use Rope +13
Feats Able Learner, Power Attack, Endurance, Hibernate, Weapon Group (Claw Weapons), Weapon Focus (Claw Weapons), Greater Weapon Focus (Claw Weapons), Eschew Materials
Fighter Feats Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Axes, Light Blades, Maces and Clubs, Picks and Hammers, Unarmed Strike), Greater Weapon Focus (Axes, Light Blades, Maces and Clubs, Picks and Hammers, Unarmed Strike)
Epic Feats Great Strength (x4), Great Dexterity (x4), Great Constitution (x4), Great Intelligence (x4), Great Wisdom (x4)
Rogue Feats Great Charisma (x2), Quick Draw, Ignore Materials
Wizard Feats Scribe Scroll, Etch Rune, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Magic Weapons and Armor
Environment The Gray Wastes
Organization Solitary
Challenge Rating 25
Treasure Nonstandard (just the +1 Heavy Mace)
Alignment Any
Advancement by character class; Favored Class Any
Level Adjustment N/A

The Nameless One speaks Common, Githzerai, Infernal, Abyssal, and Uyo. He also understands Rebus, though he cannot "speak" it without the use of magic, due to the visual nature of the language.


Raise Dead (Sp): As a standard action, The Nameless One may resurrect allies, as the Resurrect spell (caster level equals The Nameless One's HD). However, unlike the spell, it may be used on Undead, Constructs, Outsiders, and Elementals. It also requires only a standard action to use, has a range of 60 ft, and leaves the target with full hit points. The soul being resurrected is not told TNO's name.

Stories-Bones-Tell (Sp): As a standard action, The Nameless One can speak to the dead as if using the Speak With Dead spell (caster level equals The Nameless One's HD, and saving throw DCs are Charisma-based). Unlike the spell, however, it also allows The Nameless One to question corpses that have been turned into Undead (in such cases, the corpse will only tell information about the original person from whom the Undead creature was made, unless the Undead creature willingly chooses to communicate).

Spells: The Nameless One knows and casts spells as a 20th level Wizard, gaining bonus spells for a high Intelligence score. He is considered to have the Eidetic Spellcaster ACF.

Fast Healing (Ex): Unlike normal fast healing, The Nameless One can regrow and reattach body parts, as the Regeneration ability.

Deceased (Ex): The Nameless One is the soul of his dead human self. He is therefore immune to effects requiring living targets (such as Ability Drain) and his original body can be raised or resurrected as normal (or would be able to, were he not dead from old age). He is considered a human for the purposes of race. Despite being considered dead, he has a Constitution score. The Nameless One is healed by both positive and negative energy, and is immune to death by massive damage.

Former Player Character (Ex): The Nameless One is a 20th level Fighter, 20th level Rogue, 20th level Wizard (Eidetic Spellcaster ACF), and 20th level Ex-Cleric (see the relevant classes and features). He was also once a player character, and has recieved the benefits at 1st level expected of a Player Character.

Proficiencies (Ex): The Nameless One's fighter levels offer him proficiency with all armor and shields (including tower shields), as well as the following weapon groups: Basic, Axes, Light Blades, Maces and Clubs, Picks and Hammers.

Bonus Feats (Ex): The Nameless One has recieved Bonus Feats from his classes. They are listed alongside his normal feats.

Memories of Life (Ex): The Nameless One has a wide array of redundant experience from his many lifetimes. His number of skill points are retroactively modified when his intelligence modifier changes. However, he does not recieve synergy bonuses.

No Fate (Ex): The Nameless One has no predefined fate. Any effect which sees the future does not see The Nameless One or his effects on the future. He also does not automatically fail tasks on a roll of "natural 1" or automatically succeed on tasks with a roll of "natural 20".

Sneak Attack (Ex), Trapfinding (Ex), Evasion (Ex), Trap Sense (Ex), Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): See the Rogue abilities.

2012-02-29, 02:49 AM
Nuts and Bolts of the conversion:

Level: Depending on the level of The Nameless One when he faces The Transcendent One (and by extension, TTO's level), their combined levels can easily hit 80 (or exceed it). According to TTO's stats (http://www.sorcerers.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9771), TNO has had Cleric levels during some of his incarnations (implying that at some point not all of the gods ignored him as they do now). The actual numbers for TTO aren't especially important, as some of them are impossible for the stated class combination and are inconsistent with established knowledge of some of TNO's incarnations (at the very least, one of them was known to be a Thief). However, the trends they describe (such as the fact that he is listed as having Cleric levels) can be taken as meaningful.

Moreover, I felt a desire to ensure that TNO's classes (whichever they were) would be balanced. However, a 21+ level Wizard would be expected to have epic spells (which TNO shouldn't have).

So, these three factors (TTO had cleric levels, all 4 classes should be balanced, should not be 21st level Wizard or higher) put together lead to Fighter20/Rogue20/Wizard20/Ex-Cleric20. A side benefit is that, assuming his ability scores start at 18 (easy to handwave, since the way TNO gets his power doesn't truly fit into D&D's levelling paradigm anyway, so any attempt to stat him post-merging is literally an attempt to rationalize the rules so they fit around his power, rather than the other way around), then 80 levels worth of stat increases and epic feats (plus bonus feats from giving up 2 rogue special abilities) is just enough to push all his stats to 25 (the max in PS:T).

BAB, Saves, Skill Points, and HP: Once he hits epic levels, the BAB and saves don't matter (as they are replaced by the epic progressions). Still, these 4 factors differ depending on which class TNO is given first (after that it really doesn't matter). I decided to use Fighter as the 1st class (and take it all the way to the end before starting the others) because in PS:T, TNO keeps the THAC0 and number of attacks of his best class regardless of what class he is at the moment (and the only way to make that work here is if Fighter is his 1st class, since epic attack progressions do not give extra attacks). Besides, our TNO starts as a Fighter.

Eidetic Spellcaster: I never see TTO with a spellbook. Do you? And it feels more right this way for a being that might as well be a Power.

Spell Resistance: This is 3.5's equivalent to the Magic Resistance in PS:T.

Resistances: Check TTO's stats. He has a bucketload of them. Again, the specific numbers themselves shouldn't be considered important, but the trends should. Lots of resistance to some forms of damage, and a significant amount to others.

Memories of Life: I could point to what I said previously about D&D's levelling system not being ideal for describing TNO's power gain post-merging, but in all honesty, I just did it this way to make the skills easier to build and read (do you really want a half-dozen conditional skill bonuses listed there? It's already too long!).

No Fate: The fortune teller says TNO has no predefined future. And the auto-fail-on-1 and auto-pass-on-20 mechanics are absent from PS:T.

Weapons Groups and Focuses: The Weapon Group variant rule allows 3.5 to simulate TNO's inability to use certain weapons (note the lack of Heavy Blades). The Weapon Focus feats simulate the proficiencies TNO could get in each weapon group in PS:T.

Languages: We know he knows Common, Uyo, and Rebus. He must have known Githzerai to have made the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. And if he doesn't know Infernal and Abyssal already (he's implied to have had dealings with both Baatezu and Tanar'ri), it's a safe bet he'll pick them up after a few centuries fighting in the Blood War.

Other Feats: Scribe Scroll is a prerequisite for Etch Rune, and Etch Rune is a perfect way to simulate dormant spells that have been left around by some of TNO's previous incarnations (such as the Paranoid Incarnation's trap in the Private Sensorium). Craft Wondrous Item allows for the creation of the item that leads to Ravel's Maze. As for Craft Magic Weapons and Armor, one of those incarnations had to have turned that severed arm into a magic weapon. Eschew Materials and Ignore Material Components are there because we never see TNO using spell components. Quick Draw is to simulate TNO's ability to switch weapons instantly. Power Attack is a no-brainer. Able Learner makes building the skills easier. Endurance is a prerequisite for Hibernate, and Hibernate simulates TNO's ability to recover from lots of damage (and the strength penalties of Shadows, which would be considered ability damage in 3.5) by sleeping for 8 hours.

Fast Healing: Regeneration doesn't quite work for TNO because it converts all but specific damage types to non-lethal damage. Normal Fast Healing doesn't work because it doesn't allow one to regenerate or re-attach lost body parts. So, a special version was required. Also, 15 health gain per second is equal to the 2.5 health gain per second TNO could reach in PS:T.

+1 Heavy Mace: The weapon TNO picks up at the end appears to be a heavy mace. It must have been magical (otherwise it would have been useless in the Blood War, as so many fiends in PS:T are immune to non-magical weapons), but at the same time it couldn't have been so powerful that it would just be lying around. So, +1 it is.

Skills: There were a lot of ways I could have divided up those 929 skill points (one went to learning Uyo), but none that would have been perfectly even. So, I eventually went "screw it" and put 25 ranks into whatever skills I felt would have been at all relevant to TNO's many lifetimes, and then put 6 ranks in the others. I arbitrarily assumed that TNO had no ranks in any perform skills, because due to the vague nature of the skill, I could only put ranks in them if I specifically decided which types of performances TNO had trained himself in during his many lifetimes (and we are given no such information). The craft and profession skills would have gotten the same treatment, except we know from the game that TNO has built weapons, traps, and a tomb (and the Good Incarnation claims to have spent time as a Cartographer).

Deceased: This is a really interesting one. Ordinarily, when a mortal being dies they become a petitioner of whatever plane they end up in, losing all memories and powers. TNO is clearly not a petitioner, but is also clearly dead. We know what ghosts and other spectral entities look like in PS:T, and he's not one of those either. He also can't be a corporeal undead, because they don't remember who they once were (and TNO appears to, judging by his lack of confusion, his memory of Ravel's question, and his conviction as he joins the Blood War). He appears to literally be the soul of his dead self, so that's what I made him. He gets to be immune to Ability Drain because that specifically targets living creatures. Massive Damage doesn't exist in PS:T, so he gets immunity to that as well. The embalming spells in PS:T are effectively inflict spells that can't be used on living things (they heal undead), and they can be used on TNO, so he's healed by positive and negative energy.

Former Player Character: NPCs don't get the full HP at first level, but TNO was a player character, and his stats shouldn't change simply because he becomes an NPC.

As for actually using The Nameless One, I don't recommend making him an adversary. Due to having a PC chassis of absurdly high levels without level-appropriate equipment and a complete lack of optimization, his capabilities are somewhat lopsided. He has several abilities that are useful in situations that would rarely (if ever) come up for a monster (trapfinding, tons of skills, Raise Dead, Speak with Dead) and some blind spots in his abilities (17 AC, 1d8+8 damage before Power Attack). He does have quite a bit of power, though (9th level spells, 10d6 sneak attack, and a high BAB). However, if he is to be used as an adversary, keep in mind that he is going to have to power attack for far more than a monster normally would, and that the PCs (once they realize his AC is pitiful) will do the same to him.

However, as an NPC, The Nameless One can work beautifully. He has the capabilities to ensure PCs don't ask "How has this guy survived down here so long?", and enough variety in them that he can help the PCs accomplish anything the plot requires.

He can also potentially work as a TPK machine for mid-level PCs (Ability Drain? Sorry, he's immune. Ability Damage? He's got 25 in all stats; he'll survive long enough to kill you. Anything requiring a save? Sorry, he passes on a 1. Spells? He's got 9th level ones, and SR you can never hope to beat. Sneak Attack? He's got Improved Uncanny Dodge. Etc, etc). His only real weaknesses are his AC, his reliance on power attack, his lack of backup weapons, and his reliance on spells for many situations (which spells he knows and has prepared at any given moment I leave as an exercise for each individual DM).

Supercharging The Nameless One

If you want a little more oomph out of your TNO, give him 1 more level each of Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, and Ex-Cleric. This gives +2 to BAB and saves, +44 HP, 45 skill points (spend 4 of them to learn any 4 languages, put 5 into Knowledge (Arcana), and dump the rest into Spellcraft), +11d6 Sneak Attack, +7 Trap Sense, 1 more feat (make it Polyglot), and +1 to any one stat (increase one of his stats to 26, then retrain one of his "Great X" feats to Epic Spellcasting, bringing his stats back to all 25's).

Now he has the ability to cast Epic Spells (3 per day, in fact), and enough Spellcraft muscle to really put them to use.

To advance him to even higher levels, use the following guidelines:

Class: Always Epic Wizard
Skills: Spellcraft +1, Knowledge (Arcana) +1, Concentration +1, Hide +1, Move Silently +1, Sleight of Hand +1, Open Lock +1, Search +1, Disable Device +1, Use Magic Device +1
Wizard Feats: Always Improved Spell Capacity
Standard Feats: Always Epic Toughness
Ability Score Increases: Always increase Constitution (when you get the chance, retrain two Great Constitutions for Heighten Spell and Improved Heighten Spell, as long as the Con score remains at or above 25).

This gives him the increased hit points of a Fighter, the skills of a Rogue, and the spell progression of a Wizard.

And if you really want to make him even more awesome, give him level-appropriate gear ("I'll take a +20 Axe, please"). Anything except armor and weapons he's not proficient with is fine (he is still The Nameless One, after all). By my math, the starting WBL of an 84th level character should be roughly 901,191,434.7 gp (with an additional 10% for each level afterwards). Have fun. :smallcool:

2012-02-29, 03:08 AM
Why does he have all those cleric levels? He couldn't be a cleric in Planescape: Torment. (Probably his separation from his mortality made it impossible or something.) I think there's a point where TNO can ask Fall-from-Grace to teach him how to get his cleric on, and FFG says that she wouldn't be able to teach him. (I don't really remember, though.)

2012-02-29, 03:44 AM
TNO can't be a Cleric because the gods have abandoned him because of what he is/what he's done, if I recall correctly. So, it is possible he might have been a Cleric once (hence the Ex-Cleric, I presume) but by the incarnation in Torment he is no longer capable of Cleric casting.

2012-02-29, 04:47 PM
Our Incarnation of The Nameless One can't become a Cleric. However, the Transcendent One does have Cleric levels (http://www.sorcerers.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9771) (Probably from evil gods, until they too abandoned him) And this stat block is for TNO after the merging (though the abandonment would remain and the levels would revert to Ex-Cleric, as seen here).

I do still have a bit of tinkering to do (nothing major, however). The thing I'm really worried about is the CR. Every CR calculator I've used (including Tribble's) completely fails. I decided on 25 because the physical capabilities (save for blind spots like AC and pre-power attack damage) are near the Sirrush, and TNO has the additional benefits of Wizard and Rogue class features.

2012-02-29, 07:43 PM
However, the Transcendent One does have Cleric levels (http://www.sorcerers.net/forums/showthread.php?t=9771)

That is one cool link. Thank ye kindly. And yes, I know the only thing we know for certain is that PC Nameless can't become Cleric. It must have been poorly phrased but that's what I'm saying. TNO can only be Ex-Cleric at this point, but could very well have been one in a previous incarnation.

Can't comment on the CR or any such. My balance knowledge is terrible. But how does Tribble's fail? Putting it too low? What's it put the CR at, out of interest?

2012-02-29, 07:55 PM
So does mine, which is why I worry about the CR being off.

I think Tribble's put him at 55 or something (or was it 35? I don't quite remember, but either way it's obviously far too high).

2012-02-29, 09:23 PM
Fantastic job on the conversion. In my spare time, I've always tried making TNO as a gish to simulate his fighter-mage-rogue classes, but I never knew about his cleric levels.

And I have considered making him an epic-level NPC that my players will encounter in Baator, specifically a warlord who manages to rout entire armies with his small band of elite mercenaries, while wearing no armor and wielding only that spiked mace of his.

One question tho: Why can't TNO achieve epic Wizard levels post-merging with TTO? Even if TNO doesn't have the necessary knowledge, TTO has been around for just as long in a single incarnation as well as his trademark "I can unmake PLANES with my POWAH!" seem to suggest the possibility.

2012-02-29, 10:00 PM
TTO never casts an epic spell.

2012-03-01, 10:43 PM
Also about the AC issues: in the game at least, TNO has various AC-boosting items. Rings, earrings, bracers, and tattoos. Especially the tattoos, with TNO being able to swap them in and out like clothes. Here's the whole list (http://www.gamebanshee.com/planescapetorment/tattoos/pageone.php). Maybe make it a new magic item type that you can "patch" over any part of TNO's body.

2012-03-02, 05:43 PM
This is completely awesome. :smallbiggrin:

Some notes though - he very clearly has a spellbook, as the entire subquest for unlocking the mage levels revolves around crafting it. Also, I would think he knows far more languages, possibly even having that Polyglot feat, given his many lives.

2012-03-03, 01:24 AM
TTO doesn't seem to have one. TNO gains all of TTO's powers in the merging. That would include the lack of a need for a spellbook. Besides, since he probably lost his equipment after death (otherwise, why would he have bothered picking up that mace?), that would mean he lost his spellbook as well, which would effectively deprive him of spellcasting completely, so I prefer the interpretation that he doesn't need one post-merging.

As for languages, I would have given him Polyglot if I could have fit it in, but alas, there was not enough room. And considering all the various languages there are in 3.5, I can't just give him every language that exists, so I'd have to start wildly speculating on which specific languages he might have known and which ones he wouldn't. So I went with as few as possible.

But I'm working on a variant that would give epic spellcasting. I might be able to fit Polyglot into that one.

Morph Bark
2012-03-04, 03:31 PM
In place of "Resistance to Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning 5" I'd just put Damage Reduction 5/- and I'd seperate the Feat section into Feats and Epic Feats.

Also, have you accounted for ability score increases from level ups?

2012-03-05, 12:36 AM
Yes, I have.

I'm not sure about making it damage reduction (though if I did, it'd be overcome by Sonic), simply because then it would be uniform (and TTO's resistances aren't).

The separation of feats might be a good idea, though. I might even add a separate area for Bonus Feats, just to make it more clear where everything comes from.

2012-03-05, 12:48 AM
Memories of Life (Ex): The Nameless One has a wide array of redundant experience from his many lifetimes. His number of skill points are retroactively modified when his intelligence modifier changes. However, he does not recieve synergy bonuses.

No Fate(Ex): The Nameless One has no predefined fate. Any effect which sees the future does not see The Nameless One or his effects on the future. He also does not automatically fail tasks on a roll of "natural 1" or automatically succeed on tasks with a roll of "natural 20".

These abilities are homebrew gold. Just sayin. :smallsmile:

2012-03-05, 09:30 AM
Yes, I have.

I'm not sure about making it damage reduction (though if I did, it'd be overcome by Sonic), simply because then it would be uniform (and TTO's resistances aren't).

The separation of feats might be a good idea, though. I might even add a separate area for Bonus Feats, just to make it more clear where everything comes from.

I'm not sure how DR would be different to resistance in this instance, given DR/- works the exact same way as resistance does. You also couldn't have DR pierced by Sonic, since DR can't block energy damage, that's what Sonic Resistance would be for. It's just putting the information in the correct places.

2012-03-07, 12:16 AM
You know, I'd never noticed that damage reduction doesn't stop energy before.

2012-03-12, 06:07 PM
Fixed a few inaccuracies and added a progression for beyond 84th level (just in case).