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2012-02-29, 03:43 AM
I have a Homebrew Request for a race. First some quick links to some great homebrew that inspired the idea.

Omnomnomicon-AdmiralSquish: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165297

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Zshar[race]-EdroGrimshell: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=193627

Info: I threw in the Zshar because I was curious about a race that could maybe create its' own spices and seasonings

Type:??? not sure,
aberrations seem to be the default for most things weird
plants- salads and smelling nice (flowers)

I wish to make a race of semi cannibalistic tribes. I want them to be natural cooks/chefs so obviously racial bonuses in craft(cooking) and profession(chef) will be tossed in for flavor purposes

The twist in the race is I want them to ... uhm... taste good. Literally smell and taste delicious even if creatures might not normally eat such a thing.

Favored Class: Connoissuer or Ozodrin(lots of mouths = lots of tasting)

Ability and Trait Ideas:
Heightened senses(tell good ingrediants from bad ingredients) Spot or Profession(Chef) check to determine physical attributes
Scent ability. (included in hightened senses [range increase with Connoisseur)
Cooking Almanac: eidetic memory(remembers anything that has experienced through his senses (example you can lick someone to tell if they are the same person you 'tasted' before. Defeats visual illusions)
Iron Gullet- includes rocks, dirt, metal, etc… anything
Bite Attack(optional since they could simply cook it, but might need
Tenderize/Mince- Against those tough ingredients(DR) after each successful hit you lower the DR seeing as you get a better feel for the ingredient in question(personal only, since you don't actually lower their DR)
Desired Dish- - You smell delicious. You give off a smell 5ft/5HD. If you are injured the range increases by 5ft/HD. You are easier to track if tracker has the Scent ability
Description:Similar to a Knight's Challenge though it affects any creature that might consider you food and can smell you.
If your blood/flesh has been released via attack then then that weapon, claw,etc... becomes another target of the Desired Dish ability. Creature must make a will save or have a taste.
Tastes of Heaven:
I was thinking of several things regarding this ability. Becoming Dazed(probably too powerful), losing a standard action (as you actively attempt to savor the taste), gain an addiction to the taste( starts small but each taste makes it stronger?),
Maybe some bonuses or recuperative abilities to those that eat from the ????.
If a vampire, connoisuer, or other creature, that gets benefits from draining, devouring, eating, etc... they get a greater effect of that.

I was hoping for +0 LA so I wanted to focus on unique abilities that are both good and bad for the character and party.

2012-02-29, 06:54 AM
No free rides, huh? Ok I'll try to do this, so please PEACH

Race: The Nutul are strange commodities known for their heavenly cooking as well as their habits of eating just about anything, including other sentient races(maids, kitchen assistants) if hard pressed for something with a stronger taste that just give in to curiosity and temptation.

Personality: Nutul are outgoing and enjoy having fun, celebrating as a community, as well as having cooking competitions. On a darker note due to their unique ‘aroma’ they are very careful not to get hurt. When it comes to the aroma they give off it only starts when they reach maturity (young adult) not sure about the age categories.
(Trying to come up with some sort of ceremony or rituals where they eat their own out of affection and respect. I can only come up with the passing away of an elderly person or maybe they might eat any who have passed away. )
There is a sense of superiority among many of the Nutuls that go out and hunt for food, due to the fact that they feel they are at the top of the food chain. They remember the ancient ways when their people were conquerors and it is rumored that they feasted on their enemies and gained their powers (connoissuer reference :D, or racial feat anyone.)

Physical Description: The Nutul are humanoid in appearance. Their height and weight are in the same range as humans. They have well-built bodies due to their daily lives of surviving in the wilderness. Their skin ranges between light and dark purples. Females and children are usually lighter in color. Their eye color can be of any color. But they have a pair of elongated pupils that are crossed. Their teeth seem to all be sharp and their canines are slightly longer in ratio compared to other races. They also have longer and very sensitive tongues which actually split in two to help get a better taste of food.

Relations: Most of the ‘civilized’ but uneducated races see Nutul as cannibalistic barbarians. The educated seem them as a refined tribal people. Most monstrous humanoids, goblinoids, etc… who tend to eat their victims see them as softies that have a real sense of cooking. All races though, civilized or not, have a deep seeded fear that they push far back in their minds. They fear the day that the Nutul’s hunger turns towards them.

Alignment: Nutuls can be of any alignment. Though intelligent and usually sophisticated could still let their sense of superiority or their hunger get the best of them.

Lands: Nutuls tend to live in small tribes scattered between all different environments where ‘big game’ can be found to feed their people

Religion: Any god is as good as the next, when living in the tribe they might worship any gods of gluttony, food, and hunting/animals

Language: They speak Common and Nutul(language that focuses on using both tongues to speak)

I apologize for the lack of DnD knowledge so if you have locations or gods that migth be seem to fit I'll add them in.

Criticisms are appreciated and hoped for.