View Full Version : Balace tips?

2012-02-29, 05:41 PM
I'm creating a psionic base class, I want to balance:

BAB (3/4)
HP (D6 or D8)
Powers (Between PW and Psion)
PP (Between PW and Psion)

The power selection will be limited, and will use a custom table. Advice on how power selections are balanced?

Additionally, the class will almost certainly have a mantle progression, but doesn't have to be as frequent as Ardent, perhaps 1 mantle between level 1-4 is the plan. (Tricky to balance.)

Finally, a few feats, a medium +skill bonus and a +movement speed class feature will happen between 1-20, the flat skill bonus is progressive and so is the speed.

2012-02-29, 10:00 PM
I should note that I don't have Complete Psionic, but anyway, I'm curious as to what the concept of this class is. Nothing that you wrote seems to be particularly unbalanced, but without knowing more, it's hard to say. For instance, would the powers mostly be clairsentience, or psychometabolism, or telepathy, or what?

2012-03-01, 02:21 AM
Power selection is typically balanced by access to power combos. Thanks to Expanded Knowledge, any manifester can access any power on any class's list. Psychic warrior is a good example of this, it gets a lot of spells that are self-only and hard to abuse, and it only gets up to power level 6 so that it can't access the higher-level psionic powers for good combos.

I agree with Idhan. We really need to know more about this class's unique features and flavor first. Why don't you try writing it up first, or just posting write-ups of the major abilities you want it to have?