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2012-03-08, 12:08 PM
Ok so we 've been playing this campaing for 2 years now with big breaks in-between, same DM almost the same players altho a few have changed class at one moment or the other. I should say it's my first major campaing in D&D.

I am still playing my first char, started as a fighter then rogue then shadowdancer at given point i also got a shadow-walker-like template (1 lvl adjustment) and finaly through some awsome story etc i became a vampire but instead of getting the level adjustment of +8 i m gaining levels 1 by 1 as a vampire from now on, getting a few of the special abilities and features of the vampire template, so i m now standing at: 1 fighter/5 rogue/5 shadowdancer+(1 lvl adj shadow walker)/5 vampire. I was allowed to get a lot of items/feats that i wanted including craven and enable criticals(undead) and an improved mask of disguise that also gives me undetectable alignment and somewhat protection from daylight. I m the Nevil guy in a good party that includes a Saint and all the little flicks between me and the other party members are fairly enjoyable trying to not be detected and all.
Even though i have a lot of tools to work with I m mostly useless when i can't sneak attack in battles and even with +36 on Hide checks one of the DM's creatures will get a straight 20 on the d20 spot check or some opponents with heavy fortification armor, improved unc dodge etc.
Anyway, if u have any suggestions of how to improve from now on like feats or items i should go for. I just feel very weak compared to our fighter that uses a heavy xbow with splitting force bolts, he has 6 attacks 2 bolts per attack thats 12 force bolts at an insane attack bonus wearing heavy fort armor and a floating towershield for cover etc combined with his high DEX he has something like 41 AC.

2012-03-08, 12:42 PM
Wand of wraithstrike?

2012-03-08, 08:36 PM
that's a pretty good idea just have to see if the DM allows it. :) ty

2012-03-08, 10:46 PM
Wrong forum? I'd go to the roleplaying games, 3.5

2012-03-09, 07:07 PM
ye i think its the wrong one. Sorry, was my first post, hopefully and admin can move the post to the right section unless it's ok if i just repost it there and just delete this.