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2012-03-09, 03:20 PM
Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
OK i am rely bad at makeing race's and monsters and i need HELP.
I have pics on request but right here is the fluff i have.

First class: The Aldaitsamu, the Tyraeli's scouts.
They're the smallest of all classes. Slim, fast and very agile they make the perfect scouts, spies, and stealth warriors.
Their intelligence though is even slightly above the Arazawo's, thatís why they play a big role when it comes to technical stuff. You could say they're the Tyraeli's engineers.

Next class: The Arazawo.
They're the authoritarian Tyraeli class. More intelligent than the others (except Aldaitsamu), they give the orders and are in charge of the social system and anything that counts in their culture.
The only real reason why the Tyraeli naturally are a peaceful race is because the Arazawo lead them. The only way an Accomdanih would (be able to) solve a problem is through violence. An Arazawo always tries to find other solutions.
When the humans started to populate 'their new planet' the Tyraeli watched and studied them without revealing their presence. They even managed to understand and regive a couple of human (english) phrases, just so you can get an idea of how intelligent they are.
Like already mentioned, the Tyraeli are a matriarchal culture, which makes a female Arazawo the ruler.

A full-grown male is approx. 1.90 meters tall (the female is slightly smaller) and overall has the most humanoid figure, compared to the other classes. Unlike the Aluerkawo and the Accomdanih, who have only 4 fingers on each hand, the Arazawo and Aldaitsamu have 5 fingers.
When it comes to fighting, the Arazawo hardly ever are directly involved. They take care bout the leading and planning the tactics, preferred in the background.

Basically there are two reasons why Aluerkawo exist: Working and Fighting. Because that's just what they do. Representing the Tyraeli's warrior class, the Aluerkawo are the ones sent out to defend what's theirs and fight against the human race. They're the class to take care of the rough stuff. They're very clever beasts and fighters. None to be sneezed at on the battlefield, where you would find both male and female. That's just where their homeís.
The Aluerkawo are taller and stronger than the Arazawo and Aldaitsamu, but not far as intelligent as they are. Still intelligent enough to master the Tyraeli's language. They follow the smaller classes orders without questioning. Why should they complain? After all, they love to do their job. Crafting and fighting.

The Aluerkawo usually are bipedal but often use 4 feet in order to run faster.
And there's something else important: The Tyraeli look like lizards, but they're mammals (and warm-blooded).

Just like the Aluerkawo, the Accomdanih has 2 main duties in it's life doing dirty work the other classes can't/donít want to do and -) kick some serious ass on the battlefield. And that's what they're best in.
Feared the most by human soldiers, a full-grown male Acco has a shoulder-height of approx. 2,5 - 2,8 meters. They're built bulky and an enormous strength. Their skin is way thicker and resistant than the others, plus they have some kind of bone plates under their skin on neck, back, limbs and tail. This makes them extremely robust and almost immune to small caliber weapons. One of their claws on each hand and foot has evolved extremely big, with which they can cut any enemy in half. The end of their tail has also evolved to some kind of blade, which adds another deadly body-weapon to their arsenal.
With their mighty and strong jaws even the thickest bones are not a problem.

The Accomdanih is, lets say, 80% quadruped (like a gorilla or bear maybe). They CAN walk on 2 feet, but hardly ever do so unless they need to: Sometimes they carry giant spears and maybe even a large shield (plus additional body armor) which would make them almost invincible, able to cut a human tank in half. In this case they would walk on 2 feet. This would slow them down though, because they arenít that good at running like that.

If you look at an Accomdanih, thereís no way you can tell what it thinks or feels like. They have no facial muscles, so no chance of visible emotions. Is it relaxed, or ready to jump at you to rip you apart?
Compared to the other castes, the Accoh is more like an animal than a humanoid, intelligent entity. But that's not what they're treated like of course. They don't have to live in cages or enclosures. As if they wouldn't mind.
Although they can UNDERSTAND the others, they are not able to talk themselves (hey, they've got no facial muscles after all).

While male Accomdanih are sent out to fight, the females stay where it's safe. Their task is to carry their cubs to term, instead of risking their lives. Remember, the Tyraeli can't just lay eggs; they're mammals and have to carry out their youngsters. The problem with the Accomdanih is that their pregnancy lasts 14 month and they have a high stillbirth-rate. The Accomdanih share of the population is pretty low. I guess itís obvious why they won't risk their precious females in combat.

2012-03-10, 12:56 AM
oh come on play ground i just want help

The Mentalist
2012-03-10, 02:19 AM
Would you like this to be a playable race or a monster?
Preferred CR and/or LA?
Tyraeli? You throw this name around like we are supposed to know it. What is this culture like?

2012-03-10, 03:36 PM
Well race and or monsters would be great.
Here are some pics of werponry and stuff.
Primitive cultrue but highly intellgent and coopertive.
For the Aldaitsamu methinks la 2 or 1 with hiding and stuff favored class scout or engineer. For the Arazawo high int bounes.
For Aluerkawo +5 la maby fave class fighter.
For Accomdanih la +6-9 or just monster HIGH str.
And Tyraeli is the name of the race.

2012-03-10, 05:18 PM
You could refluff the Marruspawn from Sandstorm, the stats and abilities seem like that could be fitting for what you're looking for, at least for a base. The LA is a little off (at least on the Marrulurk) but that's a fairly easy fix. Use the Marrulurk for the Aldaitsamu, the Marrutact for the Arazawo, and Marrusault for the Aluerkawo

2012-03-15, 02:24 PM
You could refluff the Marruspawn from Sandstorm, the stats and abilities seem like that could be fitting for what you're looking for, at least for a base. The LA is a little off (at least on the Marrulurk) but that's a fairly easy fix. Use the Marrulurk for the Aldaitsamu, the Marrutact for the Arazawo, and Marrusault for the Aluerkawo
But what about the Accomdanih, Marruspawn abomanation ?