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2012-03-14, 11:49 AM
Wanted to reach out and see if other DM's or awesome Homebrewing Experts had a basic guideline for determining the spell level of spells their players want to research.

I understand the cost and time requirements. But actually determining the level of it seems to be a bit tricky.

I also have a good number of casters playing so I have a list as long as my arm.

As an example of what I am being tossed below are two examples of what they have sent me.

Thanks everyone in advance. Would love to take advantage of other peoples strategies!

Improved Contingency

Spell level: 9th

Casting Time: 30 minutes

Components: V,S

Duration: 1 day\level or until discharged

Target Personal

As Contingency except the maximum spell level is 9 (still 1/3 your casting level rounded down), you may set multiple triggers to a maximum of three, and may set up to two spells (the trigger effects may be used for both spells in any order or may be set individually). The second spell included in the casting may only be HALF the level of the first spell rounded down. For example, if you include a 7th level spell as your first spell then you may only include a spell of up to level 3 as your second spell. If any of these triggers are met, regardless of the other triggers, Improved Contingency will discharge.

Improved Senses

Spell Level: 5th

Casting Time: 1 SA

Components: V,S,M

Duration: 10 Minutes \level

Target: Personal

You enhance your vision and hearing to a level of heightened alertness. You have able to make out details despite distance and receive a +20 to Spot and Listen checks during the duration of this spell. However, because of your heightened senses you receive a -4 to saving throws against Gaze attacks and sonic spell deal an additional 1 damage per spell level of the spell.

2012-03-14, 01:02 PM
This has been very helpful to me as a DM.