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2012-03-16, 01:28 PM
Hey everybody!

I know that this board is generally focused on 3.5e stuff, but I thought I would submit something new and different!

Some of you may know of an anime series from the late 90's called Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's known for its psychological and social themes, pseudo-Christian referential imagery, and intense biomech combat. There are not only several movies and manga spawned from this series, both as sequels and companions, but video-games and a large art-market as well. Not only that, but fans have been debating on the meaning behind the imagery and context of the show for years.

Fast forward several years to 2010, when a group of people of 4chan's Traditional Games board created a subsystem of Dark Heresy called Adeptus Evangelion. It has several editions, including a beta v2.5 (available now) and a Borderline edition from another subgroup of developers.

However, not wanting to thrust such a crunch-heavy game as Dark Heresy/AdEva onto my players, I took it onto myself to create a more rules-lite version for my own home table. It's still in the draft phase, and is changing day-by-day, but I'd welcome comments, feedback, and critique.