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2012-03-23, 11:46 AM
In case you're unaware of the World of Darkness fangame, here is a link to the (free!) PDF.

If Promethean was a game about the Frankenstein's monster, Genius is about Frankenstein himself. One of the more appealing parts of the game is the Wonders themselves, the glorious items that defy physics, logic, chemistry, and just about every other damned law you can think of. It was then I noticed that possibly nearly any super scientific device, including the TARDIS of Doctor Who fame, could be modeled, given enough points in the required Axioms.
Post your crazy or strange Wonder ideas here, or post strange artifacts from other media here to be statted out.

For example, my Genius is a rogue who only has access to junkyard parts, A mechanics shop he works at, and anything he can buy from the nearby grocery stores. His first wonders included

The Demon De-Soto (Skafoi **)
-Open Canopy
-Confusing Controls(Custom)
Description: A black DeSoto with a red interior, Fins haphazardly attached across the hood and sides. The Dashboard is dotted with red LED lights and buttons, many of which do nothing. It flies using gutted air conditioners and modified mufflers as jets, but the top had been sheared off after one too many crashes.

Big Bertha(Katastrofi *)
-Rifle size
Description: Two pipes welded together, using a modified toy shotgun as a firing mechanism. The gun fires paintball pellets filled with a blinding, noxious solution formed from bleach, animal fat, and vinegar. The 'barrels' have spiked hooks at the end, making it look like a harpoon.