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2012-03-24, 12:47 PM
So the beta signups just started for this game. From what I've seen and read the game seems very interesting. An open sandbox world with permadeath inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, gotta be worth a shot.
signups are over at beta.salemthegame.com, but theres a catch to get a key it seems you have to have three people use a unique URL your sign up is given. Mine is here (http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=ff582d2ce9c), so if three people would like to sign up with that URL I would be very happy. Afterwards, post saying you've used the URL and send me yours, I'll make a table or something of those needing sign ups.

I want to build a town, I'm excited.

Some info:




People who need links for Beta key

Gourtox- link (http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=ff582d2ce9c) - 2 more
Cyborg Mage- link (http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=a97608fd7cf) - 3 more

Cyborg Mage
2012-03-24, 03:14 PM
I went ahead, signed up... and promptly failed to get my link before closing the window. But it was okay! Still had the URL on copypasta, so I managed to salvage my link.

Enjoy. (http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=a97608fd7cf)

2012-03-24, 04:25 PM
Clicked on Cyborg Mage's link, here is mine for when other guys get theirs: link (http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=8e4df62d538).

2012-03-24, 06:50 PM
Clicked Gourtox's, here's mine: http://beta.salemthegame.com/?ref=f9f5f7e59de