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2012-04-02, 10:38 PM
Hey All:

Below is a hombrewed class my gaming group uses when we play Mass Effect for PnP. I think it could use some streamlining and a few new powers, so all suggestions are welcome! If you have any suggestions for class features, that would also be really great -- I feel like there should be four and the players pick two.

First, Here are the 15 rules the group agreed upon before designing the class, as well as some of our design logic.

The following rules are items that have been adopted by my group and inform my design. The first one is fairly big, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it – it just works for us.

1) AC is not a thing. Attacks that would target AC instead target Reflex.

2) Armor is Damage Reduction, based on armor type (Light = DR 1; Medium = DR 2; Heavy = DR 4)

3) Shields/Barriers are per encounter temporary HP. Various powers can restore shields.

4) Daily powers do not exist. Each class gets 2 At-Will powers and a list of Encounter powers.

5) Two Powers of any type are gained at 1st level. A new power is gained every odd level thereafter.

6) Every even level, characters gain feats

7) Healing Surges do not exist. All healing is done through Medigel items.

8) If you are reduced to 0 HP, you do not necessarily die. You are unconscious and take a wound that reduces one of your attributes (determined randomly) by 2 points. Medigel cannot heal wounds – only a visit to a doctor at a medbay and an extended rest can heal injuries.

9) If you are reduced to 0 hp and gain a wound, medigel can be spent to restore your health/consciousness.

10) If you are unconscious and your entire party is unconscious, you die.

11) Your third wound kills you, regardless of circumstance.

12) Armor and weapons both have 2 modification slots.

13) Armor and Weapons each have static bonuses dependent on manufacturer or weapon type. Weapons and Armor do not “Rank Up”

14) Armor and Weapon mods have multiple ranks that improve the bonuses granted by the mod.

15) Elemental damage mods (Incendiary Ammo, Cryo Ammo, etc) are weapon modifications, not powers. Even Warp Ammo is a weapon mod that allows biotic energy to be channeled through a weapon.

Powers and Evolutions

After first level, whenever you gain a new power, you can instead choose to advance an existing power. This is called a Power Evolution. A Power Evolution grants a new effect to the power, and grants an additional Per-Encounter use of encounter powers. For Example

Ashley is a 7th level Soldier. She began play with the Marksman and Overkill Powers. Instead of gaining new powers, Ashley has Evolved Marksman once and Overkill twice. Ashley can now use Overkill three times per encounter, and can modify it with evolution effects. Marksman is an At-Will power, so Ashley gets no additional uses out of it, but she does get to apply evolution effects.

Evolution Effects are optional effects you unlock when you Evolve a power. You do not have to apply an evolution effect to a power, but most improve the power in some way. If you have unlocked multiple evolution effects, only one can be aqpplied to a power at a time. Adding an evolution effect to a power is a free action.

Ok, now for the class...

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Starting Health: 18 + Constitution
Health Per Level: 9
Defense Bonus: +1 Fortitude; +1 Reflex
Weapon Training: Melee Weapons, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGS, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons
Armor Training: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
Skill Training: Acrobatics, Athletics, Tactics +Any 3



Weapons Master: The soldier dedicates himself to mastery of weapons, superior skill that is
perfected by reflex upgrades and strength enhancing cybernetics.
The Soldier gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and +2 to damage rolls with Melee and Ranged
Weapons (but not heavy weapons).

Perfected Reflexes: Soldiers act with incredible speed, moving across the battlefield with a surety others can only envy.
The Soldier gains a +2 bonus to initiative checks and increases her base speed by 1 square.



Concussive Shot
A quick weapon mod allows you to fire an explosive tipped round at an unsuspecting foe
At-Will – Standard Action – Ranged Attack
Target: Single
Range: Weapon
Attack: Dexterity v. Fortitude
Hit: 1(W) + Dexterity damage, and you push the opponent one square.

Concussive Shot Evolutions

Advanced Payload Calibration
Effect: You may shift the opponent instead of pushing it.

Expanded Payload Capacity
Effect: On a miss, your opponent takes Dexterity damage.

Chained Ignition Explosive
Effect: On a hit, one opponent next to your target takes Dexterity damage.


With incredible speed, you launch a series of precise attacks at your enemies.
At-Will – Standard Action – Melee or Ranged Attack
Target: One or Two enemies
Range: Weapon
Attack: Wisdom v. Reflex (two attacks)
Hit: 1(W) damage per attack.

Marksman Evolutions

Precision Targeting
Effect: This attack criticals on a roll of 19-20.

Tactical Shift
Effect: For each attack that hits, you may shift 1 square.

Chain Attack
Effect: If your first attack misses, your second gets a +2 bonus to attack.


Adrenalin Rush
Encounter – Minor Action – Utility
Target: Self
Effect: You may take an additional Standard Action this round.

Adrenalin Rush Evolutions

Swift Rush
Effect: You may use Adrenalin Rush as a Free Action instead of a Minor Action.

Focused Rush
Effect: You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls until the end of the next turn.

Hardened Adrenalin Rush
Effect: You gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the beginning of your next turn when activating
Adrenalin Rush.


Encounter – Minor Action – Utility
Target: Self
Effect: You gain +5 Shields, and restore your lost shields to full strength. This effect lasts as long as your shields persist.

Fortification Evolutions

Effect: While your shields are up, you are immune to effects that would push, shift or pull you.

Focault Currents
Effect: You may end Bastion as a minor action to inflict 1(W) extra damage with your next melee

Effect: You may end Fortification as a minor action to reduce all damage you take this turn by


You fire a single high-caliber round at a group of enemies, a heavy bullet cored in high explosive.
Encounter – Standard Action – Ranged Attack
Target: Burst 1
Range: Weapon
Attack: Dexterity v. Fortitude
Hit: 3(W) damage, and you knock the opponent prone.
Miss: 1(W) damage

Carnage Evolutions

Heavy Carnage
Effect: Carnage inflicts +1(W) damage on a hit or miss.

Shrapnel Shot
Effect: Organic targets hit by Carnage take ongoing damage equal to half your level (Maximum

Explosive Carnage
Effect: Carnage targets Burst 2, but only inflicts 2(W) damage on a hit


A moments focus allows you to deliver a deadly attack at a great distance.
Encounter – Standard Action – Ranged Attack
Target: Single
Range: Double Weapon range
Attack: Wisdom +2 v. Reflex
Special: This attack criticals on a roll of 19-20
Hit: 2(W) + Dexterity + Wisdom damage.

Assassination Evolutions

Piercing Shot
Effect: Assassination targets a 6 square line of enemies adjacent to the caster.

Winding Assassination
Effect: Opponents who take damage from Assassination are Dazed until the end of your next

Faultless Assassination
Effect: On a miss, this attack inflicts half damage.


Encounter – Standard Action – Ranged Attack
Target: Burst 1
Range: 5 squares
Attack: Dexterity v. Reflex
Hit: 2(W) + Dexterity damage, and the opponent takes a -2 penalty to Reflex until the end of your next turn.

Overkill Evolutions

Suppressing Fire
Effect: All enemies in the burst take a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls until the end of your next turn.

Focused Fire
Effect: Enemies who take health damage from Overkill take -2 to all defenses until the end of
your next turn.

Effect: The burst area is considered difficult terrain until the beginning of your next turn.

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