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Ursus the Grim
2012-04-03, 03:56 PM
Hey all. This is a little homebrew to flesh out a campaign I'm working on. Feedback is appreciated. I don't think its quite Human in overall power, but I'd like it to play nice with the rest of the races.


When a human and an orc mate, the offspring is called a half-orc. When a human and elf mate, they spawn a half-elf. Such things are well-known. But what happens when a half-elf falls for an orc? Or a halfling begins a family with a gnome? Love and circumstances can both contribute to an unusual pairing among sentient humanoids. In Caelum, those that do not fit neatly into the more common designations of race are called Mixbloods. In some city-states, mixbloods enjoy the rights of any human or elf. In others, they are seen as demihumans, mongrel creatures that are somehow inferior as a result of racial impurity.

Physical Description:
Mixbloods are as varied as their parents, ranging from slightly taller than a gnome to slightly shorter than an elf. A given mixblood can display any given feature common to a race, such as an orcís underbite or an elfís pointed ears. Or they can appear as a nondescript mixture of all traits.

Mixbloods do not possess a society of their own. Rather, they integrate into the closest society they feel comfortable in. Some mixbloods travel for days to find a more accepting community. Others, born into intolerance, conceal their more distinguishing features and try to avoid scrutiny. Mixbloods are often willing to please, eager to make friends who will accept them despite their ancestry. Others grow bitter from their exclusion and fail to trust anyone.

Given their mixed heritage, most mixbloods would be willing to get along with nearly any race. Their unique perspective serves as a keen reminder that there really isnít all that much different between the various peoples when it really matters. Humans may be the most accepting, noting the diversity inherent in their own race, or the most close-minded, especially in more insular communities. Halflings and gnomes, curious and free-spirited, are often the most accepting of mixbloods, and half-elves and half-orcs often find something to relate to.

Alignment and Religion:
Mixbloods are often subject to institutionalized discrimination and are literally born outside the norms of society. As a result, they are quick to adapt and look outside of the usual for solutions, leading them to the chaotic edges of ethics. Mixbloods also have few racial ties towards any specific deity, though some deliberately seek out the patron of their ancestors to seek facor from those who might otherwise be scornful towards them. Mixbloods also tend towards the deities that encourage free thought and action.

Mixblood Racial Traits

+2 to One Ability Score: Mixblood characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.
Medium: Mixbloods are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Mixbloods have a base speed of 30 feet.
Inconspicuous Features: Mixbloods receive a +4 bonus to Disguise checks.
Varied Ancestry: Mixbloods are treated as all humanoid races for purposes of race-dependent effects and items. Their mixed ancestry only manifests any particular race strongly enough to allow one racial trait. The Mixblood has the same number of beginning traits, but only one may be related to race.
Genetic Diversity: Mixbloods keep many of the more resilient traits of their ancestors and gain a +1 race bonus on all saving throws.
Languages: Mixbloods begin play speaking Common. Mixbloods with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Random Starting Ages
Adulthood |
Intuitive |
Self-Taught |

23 |
+2d6 |
+4d6 |


Random Height and Weight
Gender |
Base Height |
Height Modifier |
Base Weight |
Weight Modifier

Male |
4'1" |
+2d8 in |
100 lbs |
+(2d6x5) lbs
Female |
3'10" |
+2d8 in |
80 lbs |
+(2d6x5) lbs


2012-04-04, 06:04 AM
Looks okay on the whole - kind of on the weak side out the box, but being able to qualify for all racial feats means there's some niche potential. Varied ancestry could use slightly clearer wording, though. As it stands, it's not clear what happens if a mixblood picks up an item that has mutually exclusive effects for different races (for example, a belt that gives dwarves fast healing but prevents orcs from regaining hit points). It's also not clear if it allows for qualification for racial feats, race-specific favored class bonuses, and so on.

Ursus the Grim
2012-04-05, 09:45 AM
I'll likely modify the wording and give it the "whatever is most beneficial" clause for Varied Ancestry. I totally agree that it could use a little something more, but I don't know what kind of generalized boosts I could give it that swing it to the other side of the power fence. A general Bonus Feat, heck, even an extra skill point per level would make it strictly better than the Human.