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2012-04-06, 02:02 AM
Ever since Legend (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=231615) came out, I've been quite enamored with the system. It's a really well thought out RPG that emphasizes balance and customization, and it was made by Playgrounders, so what could be better?

For those who haven't yet looked at it, Legend features a system of leveling called "Tracks". Every class gets three to four of these Tracks, or ability ladders, that unlock more and more powerful/useful abilities for the class as they increase in level. It allows an enormous amount of customization, like adding spellcasting to a Rogue in return for the Rogue's offensive track.

I wrote up some tracks of my own, purely for flavor. I have no idea if they're any good, or even viable for the system. All I know is that I had a creative itch to scratch, and this is the result. Enjoy!

{table=head]Lord of Time
{table=head]Through dedicated study and practice (although more likely through madness induced by watching paint-dry), you have broken through Time's cruel veil and now see the mechanism of the universe laid bare. Time to Tinker.

Uses your highest mental ability modifier[/table]
{table=head]Circle | Name | Description
First Circle | Precognition | You see effects before causes. Once per Encounter per every Circle you have in this track you may use an Immediate Action to dodge an incoming attack. This automatically succeeds.
Second Circle | Haste | As a Free Action, once per round you may cast [Haste] as the spell.
Third Circle | Surprised? | Living non-linearly, you've got a good handle of your immediate future. You are always able to act in a surprise [Round].
Fourth Circle | Blur | Your speed is astounding. All your movement has the [Teleport] descriptor added. You gain an additional attack.
Fifth Circle | Quick | You are permanently under the effects of the spell [Haste]. Additional attacks you gain stack with [Blur].
Sixth Circle | Relative Dimensions | As a Standard Action target creature is removed from Time for 1d4 rounds. The creature's turn(s) is/are skipped and no other creature can interact with them. When they return to play, the affected creature is [Confused] for one round and suffers 2d6 damage per your character level. If target creature returns to time while another creature is occupying their former square, both are dealt 1d6 per your character level, and the returning creature is shunted to the nearest open space.
Seventh Circle | Time Lord | Once per [scene], if you are killed you may revive yourself with full hitpoints. You may also reassign your skill points if you so wish. Your appearance also changes. No one is able to recognize you physically after this happens.

{table=head][b]Blood Magic
{table]Sure, it may be called Blood Magic. But its really more Life Magic. As in, rip the life from your foes and take it for yourself and your allies. Or use your own life force to pull off amazing tricks for fun and profit!

Uses CON[/table]
{table=head]Circle | Name | Description
First Circle | Drain the Pool | You've gotten, let's say, used to knives. You receive a permanent +1 attack bonus whenever you wield a bladed weapon. You also have a pool of temporary hit points equal to your [Constitution] plus your level.
Second Circle | Familiar | By sacrificing permanent hit points, you create a Familiar creature who is linked mentally with you. As a free action you can issue mental commands. Otherwise, they will act in your defense unless otherwise occupied. This lowers your normal hitpoints. You may kill the Familiar with a Free Action in order to recover your full lost hitpoints. If the Familiar is killed any other way, you lose those hitpoints until the start of the next [scene]. Tables for Familiars given below.
Third Circle | Share the Health | You may use a free action to extend a magic field 10ft plus 5ft per character level out from you. Any ally in this field shares in your Temporary HP Pool. Each ally increases the pool's size by another 10ft and temporary hit points by their [Constitution] plus their level.
Fourth Circle | Bloody Mess | As a Standard Action, you may rip the life from your foes, dealing 1d6 per character level plus you [Constitution] points of damage to target creature in [Melee] range. You are healed by half this damage rounded down. Fort (DC 10+character level) halves damage.
Fifth Circle | Massacre | Bloody Mess now deals 1d8 per character level plus your [Constitution] to a single target within [Close], and you may deal an additional 1d4 per character level plus your [Constitution] to all other enemies within [Medium]. You are healed by half this damage rounded down. Fort (DC 10+character level) halves damage.
Sixth Circle | Artifact of Power | You use your own permanent hitpoints to create a weapon. You can only have one weapon at a time. Each weapon type is unique with special properties. You may destroy your weapon to regain your spent hitpoints in the same manner as your Familiar. Details below in table.
Seventh Circle | Then to Hell with You | All enemies within [Medium] take 1d8 per level plus your [Constitution] in damage. You are healed by half this damage rounded down. Fort (DC 10+character level) halves damage. If any creature take 80 damage or more in this way, they roll another Fort save or are [battered] for 2 rounds.

Note: Don't have a Familiar Table or Weapon Table yet for Blood Magic Track. I'll try to get something down but school is back in session so I might not have too much time. If anyone has any ideas on that or anything else, don't hesitate to mention it.