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2012-04-06, 03:13 PM
Hey all,

My friends and I are making our own campaign world using Dawn of the Worlds and have been making and modifying our own races and existing races. I would like to get the opinions of the general Homebrewers out there with more experience than us. That being said I will start with our modded human and will probably post others as we go.


+2 to one Ability Score of the player's choice
Bonus Feat as PHB humans
Bonus Skill as PHB humans
Everyone is Different: At 1st level the player chooses between having Powerful Build or Slight Build.
Able Learner: Humans gain the Able Learner feat as a bonus feat @ lvl1.

LA: +2

My question is this: is the LA correct and if not suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You.

2012-04-06, 04:34 PM
I would guess a +1, though I am not the best at this. My reasoning is that this is about on par with a goliath (maybe slightly less) but way less powerful than either gith. Powerful build and 2 bonus feats as well as no stat drawback is going to push this to being better than a +0 I think.

On another note, with everyone is different, perhaps "at 1st level a player may choose to have either powerful build or slight build." Almost everyone will choose to have one or the other, but this lets everyone truly be different and some people go middle of the road.

2012-04-09, 11:58 PM
I agree on that +1 LA would be ok.

Do you want all races to be +1 LA?

If not you may want to add an option to forfeit one or (probably) two of those benefits to reduce the LA to +0

Otherwise very nice, I like it.

2012-04-10, 01:06 AM
If all races useable had the same LA why bother giving them LA in the first place?

2012-04-10, 08:16 AM
If all races useable had the same LA why bother giving them LA in the first place?

This is the basic premise that we are working with. To do this we are balancing against the first race that was made which is a pseudo were-bat (doesn't have lycanthropy and breeds naturally). I guess I should have started by posting that race. I will do so once I get it from my friend.

We think that it is a solid LA +2 so that is what we are working towards for balance. If anyone has a suggestion for upping the Human to LA +2 that would be great.