View Full Version : What is your favorite team of 3 to use in Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

late for dinner
2012-04-09, 03:21 PM
I am also including Ultimate MVC3 characters as well. My roommate and I both got some fight sticks, so we felt it necissary to buy a fighting game or 2 for the xbox. We happen to love MVC3 equally and, normally, when we are picking characters, we just hit random all and go with what we got. It's a great way to keep it even and learn everyone.

My top 3 are Chris, Haggar, and The Dog from Okami. But, Wolverine, Hawkeye, and Phoenix are also in my top 6. What say you?

BTW The air combo when you knock them into the air then follow it up with everyone on your team taking turns beating them in an upward fashion, while awesome and timing has to be perfect, is super cheap. How do you escape it?

2012-04-09, 04:58 PM
If you haven't seen it already, Maximillian (http://www.youtube.com/user/Miles923) has a long-running series of videos discussing MVC3 and UMVC3 (along with some goofy live action videos mixed with character tutorials).

Team Aerial Combos are countered by (appropriately) Team Aerial Counters. They can be a bit tricky to counter with lag, but generally, you just need to hit (up/down/side)+S, to counter your opponent doing up/down/side combo. There's then a little "counter" animation, and you knock your opponent off you. Because of this, team aerial combos are actually a bit risky (less damage, but you can get meter/remove enemy meter), and you usually see single character combos instead.

Not actually having MVC3 or UMVC3, I cannot say I have real preferences. I will note that Dante/Deadpool is pretty amusing for fullscreen poke hitconfirming (tag someone with Deadpool guns, you can DHC both their guns supers into a few hundred thousand damage)

2012-04-09, 05:47 PM
My main team from vanilla, which has not changed in Ultimate, is Dormammu (Dark Hole)/Trish (Low voltage)/Dante (Jam Session). I love Dormammu's zoning, anti-air crouching medium into full combo, and even the bit of rushdown he can do thanks to those teleports. Trish I tend to favor more rushdown and comboing over zoning with, but part of the reason I've got her in there is because she can do both as the situation demands. I would like to use her peekaboo assist, but I need a projectile to cover Dorm and Dante's teleports, so she gets stuck with that (I have looked into using a character with a better projectile assist in her place, but it always screws with the DHC synergy of the team, which I'm quite proud of as-is). And Dante's Jam Session is just an amazing assist for both of them, and Dante himself an amazing character in so many ways, that I can't not use him.

My secondary team, which I like nearly as much, I came up with going into Ultimate: Hawkeye (triple arrow)/Vergil (Rapid Slash)/Dr. Doom (Hidden Missiles). It's built around Vergil. Hawkeye is on point to build meter for him with zoning and extended combos, Vergil comes in to abuse the hell out of that meter with summoned swords and Devil Trigger (not to mention make effective use of Hawkeye's amazing assist covering his teleports), and Doom acts as an assist character for them both and a solid solo comeback character.

I also have a lot of other teams I play from time to time. Chris/She-Hulk/Akuma was a favorite of mine in vanilla, less so in Ultimate after She-Hulk's nerfs (especially her slide distance). I've also spent some time with Spencer/Doom/Skrull, Viewtiful Joe/Wesker/Taskmaster, Zero/Ghost Rider/Iron Man, Deadpool/Ryu/Sentinel, and a few others.

As for team aerial combos, hit S+direction at the time your opponent does ti counter them. You need to hit the same direction they do though. It's a guessing game. Most players won't use it too much outside of specific situations though, since nobody likes losing their combos if the enemy guesses it right. Times to watch for it would be when facing Phoenix players (down exchange builds one meter), when you're using Phoenix (side exchange eats one meter from you), and against Frank West players (TACs are an easy way to get him a combo to level up from), otherwise it's a matter of knowing your opponent's personal tendencies.