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2012-04-12, 09:41 AM
Here's a PC race that's probably hell to roleplay but amusing nonetheless.

The Veritay
"For nothing - whether it's floating through the air, plunging to the ground, sinking in the earth, or plunging in the water - weighs more than our word, son. To our ears, lightness rings of death." - Syrien Ley, Veritay

Type: Medium Humanoid

{table=head]Adulthood | Simple | Moderate | Complex
50 | +2d6 | +2d8 | +4d6[/table]
{table=head]Middle Age | Old | Venerable | Maximum Age
150 | 225 | 300 | +2d%

As humanoids go, veritay are pretty long lived beings.

Height/Weight: Veritay average about 6'2" feet in height for males and 5'11" for females. They weigh as much as a human of the same size.

Languages: Common, Honirian
Bonus Languages: Any non-secret

Speed: 30 feet

Appearance: Veritay look like tall humanoids with chalk white skin and hair, and completely black pupil-less eyes and nails. Their ears point upward and are narrow as those of a gray elf. They use to wear their hair long and have svelte physiques, which they are encouraged to work on from an early age.

Alignment: Although they can be of any alignment, non-adventurer veritay are most of the time neutral on the moral axis. Evil is viewed as incompatible with a progressive society and inherently wasteful, while good is viewed as pedantic, pathetic, and naive.

Except for their strong, innate compulsion to always speak the truth, veritay don't actually have any other lawful tendencies, so chaotic, neutral and lawful veritay can be found in equal numbers.

History: Veritay were created directly by the gods when the earth was young, as the race which represented the honesty of the world. They made them on purpose as beings of black and white, that interpret the truth as being simple and binary and thrive to always commit to their beliefs and be honest about them.

The veritay quickly became accustomed to the other races, and for the most part enjoyed great trade with their neighbors - since they would never cheat or steal from them, they were literally the safest people to barter with.

Even when the other races tried to take advantage of them, they couldn't - generations and centuries of weeding out the liars made the veritays into exceptional judges of character. And, while the summary execution of the fraudulent merchants made some neighbors reluctant to continue trade, it did not stop.

Finally, what proved to be an insurmountable force for veritay civilization was a huge orcish horde who was after the riches of their land (they're the children of the gods, they get special privileges). They fought bravely, but were eventually outnumbered and forced to flee into the territories of their neighbors, watching from there as their great capitol of Candor and the surrounding cities were being burnt down.

Scattered, veritay recovered beautifully, building their towns in random disparate places across the map and mixing up with the other races. They are still a growing force, and show no sign of stagnation.

Society: Veritay are proud people that keep to their own. They thrive in study, research, and physical exercise that improve their mental and physical capabilities, as well as the state of the society. Incredibly community-minded, veritay often volunteer to help the weaker and older members and participate in jobs that don't require much training.

Politically speaking there was never a struggle for power in a veritay city. Since freedom of speech and freedom of information are held as sacred and given freely to everyone, the common man always knows about the machinations of the ruling elite, and protesting when the laws are unreasonable or unfair is a right given at birth. Due to this, civil wars do not occur, assassinations do not occur, manipulation en masse of the populus does not occur, and there is no such thing as a classified document. However, it is of note that to preserve this state of affairs, cities with a majority veritay population demand that the leaders be chosen exclusively from members of their race.

Veritay are not war-loving, and while their great advances in technology put most other races to shame (for instance, cannons), there are never enough soldiers, and most problems are usually dealt with via diplomacy or retreat.

Veritay put great value in the virtue of honesty, and are harsh to those who do not uphold it. Anyone even caught being dishonest, no other charge needed, is to be tortured for a set number of days. Newcomers to veritay cities are immune to this punishment for the first 30 days of their stay, but even during this time will be thoroughly avoided by nearly everyone if they have a habit of being dishonest. More serious crimes that directly imply lying, such as tax evasion, bribery, theft, fraud, and adultery, carry the death penalty. Crimes such as assault, murder, rape, treason and arson, which are major but do not imply lying, are punished with imprisonment or exile if the perpetrator turns himself in within one month of the event, or death afterwards.

An important part of a veritay's life is that of spiritual experience. As creations of the gods, most of them are openly and strongly religious, and visit the shrines of their patron deities regularly. Generally the three biggest buildings in a veritay built city, usually situated centrally and adjacent to one another, are a great temple dedicated to multiple deities, the central library, and the building where those with political power usually go to discuss law and application.

Relation with other races: Veritay get along well with most planetouched, seeing each other as equals under the gods. They also get along with other races that take religious worship seriously, like dwarves and humans. However, being urban and industrious, veritay don't bother much with races who prefer living in more natural environments, like the elves, the fey, the hobbits etc. They are generally at war with the preponderantly evil races, since they have a talent of finding the most fertile patches of land and enriched mountains, which these races desire for themselves.

Relations within the party: In a party, veritay can be at times compassionate and honest friends, blunt and brutal critics, and uptight paragons of truth looking forward to preaching their message of complete transparency whenever they get the chance. Expect headaches.

Names: Veritay usually have only one surname and their family name, and don't done titles. Their names are generally short and contain a multitude of i's and y's in them, making them sound similar to each other.

Male names: Hessin Tridy, Tylun Zeki, Cyprim Ludy
Female names: Syn Tappy, Saelyn Drey, Ysra Haffry

Racial Features

Ability scores:

+2 Dex, -4 Cha, +2 Int, +4 Wis

Veritay train both body and mind, and thanks to free access to information and their natural tendency for lean muscle, they have above average dexterity and intelligence. Furthermore, they are wise and perceptive, capable of looking through deceptions with ease. However, their near absolute incapacity for falsehood, as well as the fact that they would rather insult someone than give a polite, yet dishonest response, imposes a large penalty on their charisma.

Beings of Truth: Veritay can never gain ranks in Bluff, and never have Disguise and Forgery as class skills. Furthermore, they always have Sense Motive as a class skill, and gain a +2 insight bonus to its use.

Alternate Skill (Ex): The first time he gains ranks in Intimidate, a veritay may choose to change the relevant modifier from Cha to Str.

Trustworthy: If a veritay saves against an illusion and disbelieves it, and communicates this fact to others, instead of receiving a save with a +4 bonus they disbelieve the illusion instantly.

Instinctual Honesty (Ex): A veritay under mind control cannot be put by the controller to lie under any circumstance.

Divine Fate: If a veritay of neutral moral alignment spends his life in almost complete honesty, he will still go to a good-aligned afterlife.

Responsibility (Sp): Once per month, a veritay may Atone himself. This requires no focus, or XP cost, and always works.

Divine Inclination (Ex): Veritay feel inspired and protected by the gods. Every day, they may spend 2 hours in silent prayer. If they do, they gain a morale bonus of +1 to damage rolls and AC until the end of the day.

Truth Paragon (Su): At character level 10, a veritay is treated as permanently emanating the effect of Zone of Truth, centered on him. The DC used is 15 + wis modifier, and for the purpose of overcoming SR treat his character level as his caster level.

Religion: Most veritay pray to deities of truth. However, their temples acknowledge many other gods, though worshipers of Evil gods are very rare.
LA: +1

2012-04-12, 11:41 PM
This race would be perfect to use in for a Monk character in the Pathfinder RPG.

I have to say, this race you made is actually really good, and I think that the next Monk I make in Pathfinder will be a Veritay,

2012-04-13, 12:00 AM
I really like how you have the racial abilities actually impact their development as a species. It makes it feel much more 'real', if that makes any sense, than the races whose societies are developed identically to humans' despite most of them being able to fly or read minds or something like that.

The -4 to Cha was nicely chosen too, by the way. These guys sound like they would be... hard to get along with.

("No, those pants don't make you look fat. Your gigantic posterior is what makes you look fat.")

How are they with things like fiction, art, etc.? Do they understand the fine line between the "deception" involved in a puppet show or something like that and an actual lie?

I didn't notice this earlier -- how are the veritay with fiction and art? Do they distinguish between the "deception" of a joke or a play and an actual lie?

2012-04-13, 02:36 AM
How are they with things like fiction, art, etc.? Do they understand the fine line between the "deception" involved in a puppet show or something like that and an actual lie?

That is actually a very good question, I might say.

Veritay define lying as "intentionally misleading others when they expect honest communication". I mean, Sam Harris does, but I like it and I'm stealing it from him. Since someone looking at art is expected to see...art, and not an accurate portrayal of reality, there is no deception involved.

However, remember that these blokes wear honesty as a hat. Sure - in a human society based on not offending others rather than the pursuit of truth, someone may gaze upon badly painted abstract art and comment: "Uuuu...deep!" - but a veritay would probably be like "Dafuq is this?!".

As a side effect...you could say that there are not many painters, musicians, architects and writers running around, but they're actually good and people enjoy their work.

2012-04-13, 07:16 AM
Really nice, interesting race dude. I'm mightily impressed :smallbiggrin:

Reading through it I got the impression that metaphor would be the closest these guys got to tact, and I kinda like that. I personally see their art as being deeply representative, trying to display the truth behind an image or concept. I'd go as far as to say that Veritay would produce some of the greatest artists of all races, they have centuries to perfect their craft, have a deeply introspective yet open mindset and are (not least of all) chosen of the gods themselves. Art can be described as the only real truth, because an unchanging image is only as much as it appears to be. It is only with perception that the 'truth of the piece' may change....sorry, bit deep? :smallconfused:

2012-04-13, 08:07 AM
No, that's perfectly legit. But naturally, that's one facet of art. There's also the deeply emotional part, art that has the purpose of inciting admiration, fear, smallness, bravery, shame, pride and love. And there's also the art that's mathematized, art made with the purpose of encompassing perfection, the art of domes of whatever area that cannot be stricken down. Also, some people may use art to escape a dull and saddening reality, so that kills its truth-value altogether.

What I would comment on, though, is that art is subjective, it varies from perspective, whereas truth is objective (http://fallibleideas.com/objective-truth). So there's no need for a connect between the two.

Of course, veritay are completely honest, not completely truthful. To be completely honest, all you need to do is not deceive others and reveal your beliefs without distorting them. To be completely truthful, you need to KNOW ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Of course, I'm not saying veritay don't WANT to be truthful, it's one of the reasons why they have free access to information and make use of it.

2012-04-13, 09:49 AM
I feel like a lot of artistic expression would also come out in the form of architecture. The gods designed them as a representation of earth's fundamental truth, which (apart from the literal honesty thing) also calls to my mind the idea of something stable and solid. With architecture, you can focus on making beauty and grandeur without having to worry that someone might misinterpret your art as an intended literal expression of truth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_of_the_Worlds_%28radio%29#Public_reaction) .

2012-04-13, 11:31 AM
Heh, good one ;). Sure, they have the time, resources and technology to make their buildings as they are - long-lasting, steady and beautiful.