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Mapped Astrogation (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tiH0iBCM64J7NjP3g6pyVNzqHEJbD3WnRJAt2EMVb_Q/edit)<==clicky

Summary: A set of rules designed to provide a bit more complexity to hyperspace travel, and allow for random encounters and slightly more specific navigation for the players (and the DM, of course).

A few things I'd like to add to it are a mechanic for getting lost due to a failed Astrogation check, or by getting yanked out of hyperspace when you didn't intend to.

Also, but much less important, would be rules regarding navigating the Unknown Regions. But I'm not worried about that.

What do you guys think?

Feel Free to comment here and on the Google Doc.

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Why does google want my phone number?

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It's a Google Doc, but you should be able to view it without logging in. Hmm... :smallconfused:

Just in case... I'll move it here too.

Mapped Astrogation
This House Rule is best used in conjunction with the maps in the Essential Atlas by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace.

Hyperspace navigation can be straightforward and simple, or a dangerous and tricky proposition. Much of this depends on where you’re going and how you intend to get there. For example, traveling the well known Correllian Run is hardly a risk at all, but making a jump from the edge of the known galaxy to a world in the Unknown Regions is more art than science, and a dangerous task.

The normal Astrogation rules in the Core Rulebook don’t take into account actual distances as established by Star Wars Canon sources, nor do they allow for more roundabout methods of getting to planets that are ‘off the beaten path’. Use the normal DCs for determining the initial navigation check.

These house rules will make things a bit more realistic.

Hyperdrive Speed
One of the primary factors in determining how fast you can get around the galaxy, is, of course, how fast your ship is in hyperspace. The scale that I use for these homebrew rules is entirely subject to your own modification if you like, but I found that this works quite well.

Starting with a Class x15 Hyperdrive, the slowest listed, as being able to cross 1ly/day we then multiply it by 2 for a class 14 hyperdrive. Each successive hyperdrive is multiplied by 2 again. So a class 13 is 1ly/d x2^2, class x12 is 1ly/d x2^3, and so on. It should look something like the table on the next page.

Keep in mind, that a Hyperdrive can always travel at a slower speed if necessary.


Picking your Path
Once you have determined how fast the players are going, you should then figure out the shortest hyperspace route to their destination, using the Galaxy Map or Sector maps in the Essential Atlas. If a straight line would be shorter, figure out if you’ll travel along the beaten path, or go in a straight line. Then figure out how long the trip will be from either the length of the Hyperspace Route, or the straight run. If multiple Hyperspace Routes are possible, then pick between them, etc.

Off the Beaten Path
So now you’ve decided to take your hotrodded transport offroad. Good luck, because now you have to deal with the realities of Hypespace travel. That being being that the established hyperspace routes are there for a reason, they’re safe. Once you go off that path, the chances of running into something go way, way up.

If the ship runs into something, the players must make a Pilot check with a DC of 25. If they succeed, then they safely exit hyperspace. If they fail, then for every 5 points under the DC, they move down one condition point, and receive 10% damage to their ships hit points.

The system they arrive in could be anything. Something you’ve brewed up, a system on the map that’s in that rough area, or a randomly generated system as from the Unknown Regions source book.Below is a table to help for determining the likelihood of a random encounter.