View Full Version : Monster Building Tool

2012-04-15, 12:46 AM
I got tired of the amount of grunt-work in creating a monster and made a tool to do it for me. I've hosted it at http://age-of-warriors.appspot.com/static/monsters/monster_builder.html

It doesn't actually have anything to do with AoW, and it's static javascript with no appengine features, but it was hosting I had and more reliable than my personal desktop.

I might add more features. Or not. You never know.

Admiral Squish
2012-04-15, 02:16 AM
I, personally, think it's a totally awesome tool and I'll definitely use it.

2012-04-15, 08:56 AM
Never seen anyone use a table like that before, except when making elementals and other things that come in a wide variety of sizes. Other than that this looks wonderful.

Admiral Squish
2012-04-15, 09:16 PM
I am saddened by the lack of the monstrous humanoid type...

2012-04-16, 10:19 AM
Oops! Fixed.

The Tygre
2012-04-17, 08:47 AM
Genius. I'm definitely using this for some future projects.