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2012-05-20, 08:07 PM
The Book of Exalted Deeds has the Exalted Wild Shape feat, which allows druids to wildshape into a Unicorn, Pegasus, Blink Dog, Giant Eagle, Giant Owl, or a celestial version of any animal they can wildshape into, and grants all extraordinary and supernatural abilities of these creatures.

The Book of Vile Darkness has no corresponding feat for evil druids, and there are no similar sourcebooks on Law or Chaos. So, why not create our own feats for druids of other alignments?

The trouble is finding suitable forms for the other alignments. To match the original, they should be magical beasts that closely resemble animals and have the relevant alignment component, with CR not much over 3. Unicorn and Pegasus are already chaotic, and Blink Dog is lawful. For evil, there's the Worg and maybe Winter Wolf. But finding something that looks suitable for the others will take some searching.

The Fiendish and Anarchic templates don't seem to be too overpowered, and the only really odd thing about Axiomatic is the Linked Minds ability. That should also allow linking with other druids and animal companions with the same ability.

Feat names:
Corrupted Wild Shape (evil)
Perfected Wild Shape (lawful)
Irregular Wild Shape (chaotic)

Magical beast forms:
Evil: Worg [NE], Winter Wolf[NE]?, [LE], [CE], [E]
Lawful: Blink Dog[LG], [LE], [LN], [L], [L]
Chaotic: Unicorn[CG], Pegasus[CG], [CE], Ash Rat[CN]?, [C]

Other possibilities:
Displacer Beast [LE]
Hell Hound [LE, but an Outsider]
Nightmare [CR 5 NE Outsider, but the equine form is tempting]
Ash Rat [CR1 CN Magical beast from MMII, rat with Fire subtype]

2012-05-20, 10:34 PM
If you're strapped for Chaotic Evil options, the Spirit Naga is mostly a beefed-up viper with a Charm Person gaze, since most of its power comes from normal spellcasting that the Druid wouldn't get.

...But it's an Aberration. And has a human-like face. And can talk. I'm not saying it's a great option, just that its high CR is deceptive.