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Wielder of The Darkness

“I am the Devil, the Devil I am and I wait for the coming of an innocent man. Be he young or old, be his pockets full of gold. Be he happy or rich or wise, be the ocean as blue as his eyes. I'll wait for his coming at the midnight hour, I'll pickle his soul and turn it sour. For once his innocent heart I see, that innocent man belongs to me.”

The Darkness is an ageless power dating back beyond human history. He is one of the two primal forces of the universe and is the equal and opposite of The Angelus. He and The Angelus have been at war since Creation, before which he was the original void of primordial Chaos.

Darkness has always taken a male human host. Usually passed like a virus from father to son, leaving the previous host, and taking his life, as his first child is conceived. The Darkness' powers remain dormant within the host until they awaken on the eve of the host's 21st birthday. The host of The Darkness carries the seed of Satan and The Darkness himself is known for creating a parade of killers and criminals down through history.

Age: 21
Alignment: Any chaotic
Special: Must inherit or attain the power of The darkness. In addition, if a character with Wielder levels conceives a child, the character instantly dies. (When a Wielder conceives a child, that child will always be male to continue the bloodline of The Darkness) If a character with wielder levels dies of conception and is later raised or resurrected they suffer the normal penalties of Resurrection and in addition, lose all Wielder levels.

Hit dice: D10

Class skills: Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (The planes/ Religion/ Arcana) (Int), Move silently (Dex), Ride (Dex)

Skill Points per level: 4+Int modifier.

Becoming The Wielder of the Darkness
In every generation, there is only one Wielder, and there destiny his already beyond their control. Many Wielders were originally Rogues or Barbarians, as their natural chaotic tendencies tie in well with the Wielders requirements and needed skill set. Next most likely are fighters and rangers. Arcane spell-caster Wielders are all but unheard of, as they must sacrifice their spell casting abilities.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

1st|+1|+2|+2|+0|Summon Darklings, Tendrils, Only in the dark, Overwhelmed by Darkness, Darkvision 120ft

2nd|+2|+3|+3|+0|Form the dark

3rd|+3|+3|+3|+1|Dark Armour

4th|+4|+4|+4|+1|Improved Tendrils, Snuff out the light

5th|+5|+4|+4|+1|Improved Form the Dark, Blindsight

6th|+6/+1|+5|+5|+2|Dark steps, Unholy power

7th|+7/+2|+5|+5|+2|Improved Darklings

8th|+8/+3|+6|+6|+2|Mastered Tendrils

9th|+9/+4|+6|+6|+3|Mastered Form the Dark

10th|+10/+5|+7|+7|+3|One with the Darkness


Weapon and armour proficiency: You are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all light and medium armour.

Only in the dark: The darkness is a supremely powerful force, but only in the absence of light. Exposure to bright light (such as sunlight or a daylight spell) causes The Darknesses class abilities to stop functioning whilst in the light, the abilities return immediately when the Darkness re-enters the dark.

Overwhelmed By Darkness (Su) :Although many feel the power of The Darkness is theirs to control, they forget that The Darkness is an ageless, evil, sentient being that seeks to corrupt the soul of its host. Once per day, the wielder must succeed on Will save (DC 17) or be coerced by the Darkness into committing an evil act. If the wielder fails his Will save, he must then make a second Will save (DC 17) or be moved one step closer toward chaotic evil alignment. Once a wielder attains chaotic evil alignment, the alignment may never be altered by mundane or magical means. If a Character that has had his alignment changed in this way acquires a template that would change his alignment, the character may attempt a Will save vs DC 17, if they pass the character moves one alignment step closer to the templates pre-described alignment and is free to make alignment choices once again. However, they must still pass the daily Will save against this ability.

Darkvision (Su): The Wielder gains dark-vision 120ft.

Tendrils (Su): While you are in the dark as a Standard Action, you can summon an incredibly strong a fanged and clawed tentacle to eviscerate your opponents and lift objects. At 6th level, you gain a second tentacle. The tentacles have a reach of 15 feet but threaten all spaces within those 15 feet. The reach increased to 20 feet at 4th level and to 25 feet at 8th level . The tentacles have a strength score equal to the wielder's strength score plus 1 for each level of wielder class he or she possesses. The tendrils count as natural weapons. Tendrils deal damage according to the ambient light levels surrounding the target. Consult the following table for damage before adding strength modifiers. The tendrils also act as grabbing implements, allowing the wielder to hold objects with them, as well as throw them at others as a ranged attack. Tendrils can deal either slashing, bludgeoning or piercing damage as the wielder sees fit. If the tendrils throw an object it has the same range as the tendril. A 15 foot tendril has a throwing range of 15 feet. At 8th level, when attacking a foe in complete Darkness with the Tendril, the target must pass a Fortitude save (DC 10+Class levels+ tendril's Str modifier) or instantly die, if the target passes the save, they still take 8d8 damage.

{table=head]|Light level|Base Tendril Damage|Improved damage|Mastered Damage|

|[Complete Darkness]|[5d6]|[6d6]|[Death/8d8]|







Summon Darklings (Su): One of the most prominent abilities of the darkness is the power to summon forth Darklings. Sentient, barbaric and slightly humorous imp-like creatures formed from the will of the Darkness alone. As a full round action, The wielder can summon forth a number of Darklings equal to his class level. The Wielder may have a number of hit dice worth of darklings equal to his class level times Four.

Darkling Racial traits
+2 dexterity, +2 strength, -2 intelligence, -2 wisdom, -2 charisma: Darklings are fast and strong, but lack intelligence and social skills.
Small (A darkling stands at 3'11 when stood straight, a rare occurrence normally a darkling hunches at 3'6)
Natural weapons: Claws or Bite 1d6
Base land speed is 40ft
Dark-vision 80ft
Destroyed by the light: Darklings are creatures made of utter darkness, and as such are incredibly weak to sunlight, and are in fact destroyed by it. If a Darkling is exposed to direct sunlight (or a similar effect, such as a very bright light or the sunlight spell) they are immediately destroyed. Any Darkling exposed to weaker light sources take a -2 to their AC, Saves and Skill checks.
Feed: Unlike most Outsider's a Darkling needs to eat meat to survive, no matter what state the meat is in.
+2 racial bonus to listen, spot, move silently, hide and climb checks.
Hide in plain sight.
Automatic languages: Broken common
Favored Class: Rogue
Extra languages: Dwarfish, gnome, under common.

Example Darkling

Male Darkling
Small Outsider 1
Hit Dice: 1d8+0 (8hp)
Initiative: +3
Speed: 40ft.
AC: 14, Touch 14, Flat footed 11
Attacks: +5 Claw
Damage: 1d6 +2
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: -
Special Qualities: Darkling qualities
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +2
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8
Skills: Climb +8, Listen +7, Spot +7, Move Silently +9, Hide +13, Open lock +7, Jump +6
Feats: Weapon finesse (Claws)
Climate/Terrain: Shadow plane
Organization: Solitary or pack 2-6
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Advancement: 2-5 Hit dice Outsider; 6+ by Class level
At first, Darklings must advance as an Outsider, but at six hit dice, a Darkling may begin to take class levels. A Darklings class skills are as follows;
Climb, Listen, Spot, Move Silently, Hide, Open lock, Jump, Survival.
No individual Darkling can possess more Hit Dice than the wielder had class levels.

Form the dark: At second level The wielder can begin to create any non magical tools, light armour or weapons, you need merely place your hands into the shadows and draw forth the desired item. Using form the dark is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. You can create one item weighing a number of pounds equal to twice your class level or two or more items weighing no more than this total. If an item leaves your possession it dissipates into nothingness after 1d4 rounds, otherwise the item dissipates after one hour per class level. In addition, no item created via form the dark can exist in the light. To craft an item like this you must pass a craft check Dc 20.

Snuff out the light (Su):As a move action, a Wielder can attempt to destroy the closest source of its greatest weakness:light. Treat this as if a dispel magic spell with CL equal to the Wielder's HD against magical light sources. The light source must be within reach of your tendrils. This ability can be used while in light, unlike other Wielder abilities.

Dark armour (Su): Starting at 3rd level you may take a standard action to clad yourself in dark Armour, formed out of the shadows, this armour grants the Wielder a deflection bonus to their Ac equal to half their class level, this armour lasts for 10 minutes and can be used a number of times a day equal to half his class level (minimum 1).

Improved form the dark (Su): At level 5 The Wielder can begin to enhance his creations, giving them a magical enhancement bonus equal to half their Wielder levels, to do this requires the wielder spend a full-round action crafting the item rather than a standard action, as well as a craft check of Dc 20 + the enchantment bonus you wish to add. Any weapon or light armour you create can survive in any light, with the exception of direct sunlight.
In addition, the wielder can now create medium armour and the total weight of items the wielder can create is increased to his class level x10 in pounds.

Blindsight (Su): In the Dark, nothing escapes the Wielders notice. Whilst in the dark a Wielder gains Blindsight 100ft.

Dark steps (Su): The Wielder can now move through across massive distances in only seconds. a number of times per day equal to half the wielders wielder level., the wielder can use shadow walk as the spell.

Unholy power (Su): Whilst clad in his dark armour, the wielder becomes faster, stronger, more resilient. When utilizing the Dark armour class feature, the wielder gains +10ft movement speed, and a +4 bonus to Strength and constitution.

Improved Darklings (Su): By level 7, the Wielder has manifested enough power to alter his Darklings, making them more powerful in the process. When creating his Darklings, the wielder may add one of the special abilities listed below for every 4HD the Darkling has.

Scales: +4 natural armour, +2 fort saves

Size increase:Increase by one size category

Wings: Gains a fly speed of 40ft, good manoeuvrability.

Vicious attack: Increase the damage of the Darklings natural weapon by one size category, in addition, those struck by the Darkling suffer bleeding wounds, taking an additional 2 damage every round until healed by any healing spell or a Dc 20 heal check.

Poisonous: The Darklings natural weapon is coated in an injury poison, with a Dc of 10+1/2 the Darklings hit-dice with an initial damage of 1d6 dex and a secondary damage of paralysis.

Uncommon speed: All movement speeds increase by 10ft, and the Darkling gains run as a feat.

Quick-witted: The Darkling gains +4 wisdom and one of the following feats: Alertness or track.

Climbing ability:The Darkling gains a +8 bonus on climb checks, and moves at it's base speed whilst climbing.

Gills:The Darkling can breathe underwater and gains a swim speed of 20ft.

Intelligent: The Darkling gains +4 intelligence and one of the following feats: Combat expertise or skill focus.

Sneaky: The Darkling's racial bonuses to hide and move silently are improved to +8 and the Darkling can sneak attack as a rogue of half his Hit dice, if the Darkling can already sneak attack, his sneak attack dice become d8's.

Mastered form the dark (Su): The wielder has mastered the art of creation, now able to create non-magical items as a free action and magical items as a standard action. In addition, any items that the Wielder creates are permanent unless he wishes them not to be (in which case the item disintegrates) and any creaton can survive in any light, with the exception of direct sunlight. Finally, the Wielder can now create life. As a full-round action, the wielder can create any 1HD creature he wishes, in any form he desires. These creations serve the wielder loyally, and will sacrifice their lives for the wielder and obey any order given to them. The Wielder may only have a number of HD equal to his class level alive via the use of this ability, any creatures created that would place the Wielder over his limit automatically disintegrate. (If used to create a sexual partner for the wielder, the Wielder may have sex without the risk of conception)

One with the darkness (Su): The wielder has mastered the Darknesses myriad abilities, fusing partly with the ancient evil, and that evil...will never let the wielder die. Upon reaching 10th level, the Wielder gains Damage reduction 10/Law and good and fast healing 5, No-longer needs to breathe, becomes immune to mind effecting abilities (except those that are utilized by The Darkness itself see Overcome by Darkness).

Death Does not Become you (Su): The Darkness found a powerful host, and he has no intention of letting him go. If the Wielder should die, they may make a level check vs Dc 25, if they pass the character is returned to life 1d4 days later as The Darkness slowly repairs the Wielders body. Note: This ability will not activate if the wielder dies from conceiving a child. (see requirements)

Playing A Wielder

As the Wielder, you have access to near limitless power, the ability to create life, to control the dark around you and most of all, the power to destroy. Most Wielders become arrogant, power-hungry individuals, completely focused on their own desires, with little regard for whomever is in their way. And that's how the Darkness likes it.

But occasionally a wielder will fight The Darkness, strive to be better, to ignore the voices in his head and put his new found power to good use in the world...The Darkness doesn't like that, not one bit.

When playing a Wielder, you should keep in mind your characters stance on his new abilities. Will he embrace The Darkness and set forth to wipe out all natural life? Or will he fight The Darkness? And confront the ancient evils actions with his own Rebellion.


A Wielder has the ability to adapt to almost any combat situation, with his Darklings being his most powerful asset. Darklings can form any type of force the Wielder needs, from a horde to slow down and tear at his foe, to a small group of elite killing machines and at level 7 their usefulness only increases by allowing the Wielder to choose from a list of abilities that can be tailored to certain situations. Of course even without his Darklings, due to his Tendrils, the wielder is still a potent threat able to cause massive amounts of damage to foes from a range.

The Wielders ability to Manifest Dark Armour allows him to step into the thick of combat alongside his Darklings, where he can guarantee the maximum amount of carnage.

Along side his ability to create any weapon he needs, as well as a vast variety of Armour (and the ability to enhance these items) The Wielder can almost guarantee he always has the tools he needs for any combat situation...at least until the lights come on.


Once The Darkness takes it's place in a host it is there until the host dies, locking him into a long and dark path. No-one can teach A wielder how best to use his abilities, and so most advanced training is self taught.
Each wielder I different in one way or another, some wade into battle, others hide in the shadows and pick off their targets. The Main influence on a wielders fighting style comes from their previous class choices and building upon them.


The Wielder has literally limitless resources, their only boundary is there own knowledge. AT lower levels, the Wielder can create temporary items and at higher they can begin to enhance these items, finally they are able to create any item they wish, as well as allow them to exist in the light. By 9th level, a wielder need never carry mundane goods again, as they can create them with but a thought.

Wielders in the world

“...The almighty Darkness, A Glorious entity of Chaos and wild abandon. It's wielder’s are blessed with the power of creation and can form whatever shapes and entities they choose, and use them to reap bloody murder on the world as they see fit...”
- Davis Merrati Darkness scholar

The Wielder class allows Dm's to create a powerful enemy for the Pc's, or allow a Pc to meet part of a dark heritage. But either way it introduces a Dark and terrible evil into any world.

Daily Life

On the outside, A Wielder seems normal and can continue to live how they choose, if that be a mercenary, a thief or even an adventurer. However, The Darkness does have enemies, powerful ones, who will seek to strike at the Wielder when he is most vulnerable, during the day. This does mean that life, may never be the same.
If the true power of the Darkness ever becomes apparent to the public however, one can be sure that fear and hate will follow the Wielder.


The Last wielder of the Darkness was a Teifling by the name of Drazk (Dark-ruler) who plagued trading routes for years, before finally loosing his life on the bed of a whore after razing a church to the ground.


The Wielders are loners by nature, followed only by their Darklings.

NPC reactions

The strange and unholy powers of the Darkness are terrifying to those who do not understand them, causing people to fear or hate them. NPC's who are unaware of the Wielders abilities will treat them no-differently than how they would normally. However most NPC's who witness their abilities will fear them, doing all they can to avoid conflict with the character usually becoming unfriendly or aggressive.

Wielder lore – The Planes.-

Dc 10: Wielders are warriors who can summon dark creatures.

Dc 15: Wielders have a variety of dark powers, creating powerful items and summoning powerful demon like beings to serve his will.

Dc 20: The Wielders are host to an ancient evil known only as The Darkness and are all males, and are known to hold an ancient and horrific power. Their abilities however, can only manifest in the dark.

Dc 25: The Power of the Darkness is passed on from father to son at the moment of conception, this transfer however, kills the original host.

Dc 30: A character reaching this level of knowledge could obtain secret lore or information about a certain wielder

Thank you to all that helped me with the edits :smallsmile:

miz redavni
2012-05-25, 05:08 AM
Wow! really cool. I haven't actual LOOKED at the numbers for his abilities(more like glanced over) but my god :D great flavor!

I have an idea you could use or not use,

I would say as he increases in level the darkness becomes to much for his physical body to bear, and the darkness seeps from his body as if he is casting darkness. He cannot turn off and on this power seeing as he is not controlling it, but he can fort save against it to pull it back into his body for so many rounds.

It would really help with the whole fact of:

DM- ok there's some orcs infront of you that don't like your stupid face. Roll initiative
Wielder of darkness- nope. going to run.
DM- why?
Wielder- ITS LIGHT OUT! and I see no shade!

It would also be alittle troublesome in towns, being covered(or almost covered) in darkness is pretty bad if your trying to fit in just for the moment because your party needs to turn in a quest or get supplies.

2012-05-25, 06:42 AM
Whereas I do really like that idea (a lot :smallsmile:) I feel it may break the mechanics a bit, you see, one of the main points of this class is to encourage player ingenuity, utilizing your environment to your advantage, for example;

An enemy group is harassing you with a cannon, it's awfully dark in that barrel...
You're attacked in a large house during the day, still every house has dark corners, use darklings to attack from there.
When moving around in the day, wear a long black-out cloak, tendrils can manifest in those shadows, as can a few crossbow wielding Darklings.
An enemies shadow is a nice little spot for a Darkling, as are the insides of their clothes and armor.
Oh, I seem to remember that the insides of someones body is dark...

So there are a few ways a Wielder would work, keep in mind that sometimes it's not what an ability says it can do, it's what you can do with it. :smallwink:

Milo v3
2012-05-25, 07:28 AM
I was just about to make a class based off the Darkness. Guess you beat me to it.

One thing though, I think the Shadow Walk Spell fits better with Dark Steps than Greater Teleport personally.

Other than that great class, it fits the flavour well and is true to the game. I especially like the variation in Darklings this allows.

2012-05-25, 01:17 PM
Thank you a lot :smallbiggrin: nice to be congratulated by someone who's homebrew I use :smallsmile:
And bugger, I forgot about shadow walk spell :smalleek: fixing, fixing, fixing, fixed :)

Milo v3
2012-05-25, 09:25 PM
Thank you a lot :smallbiggrin: nice to be congratulated by someone who's homebrew I use :smallsmile:
And bugger, I forgot about shadow walk spell :smalleek: fixing, fixing, fixing, fixed :)

And thank you. :smallsmile:
Might I ask what stuff of mine you've used?

2012-05-26, 05:08 AM
Big fan of the Spiderblood Assassin :smallsmile:

2012-05-26, 06:47 PM
the class seems extremely powerful.
a couple of concerns

1) the prerequisite allow people to take the class by level 2 (in fact im not sure theirs anything preventing you from taking it at level 1 other then it being a prestige class.)

2) it looks like the minion are very customizable and they can have nearly as many hd as you. Unless im mistaken every skill is a standard action away. On top of that theirs nothing to stop you from spamming them like crazy.

3) the dc on the insta death tentacles is going to be very high dc much higher then what a caster would have and a minion with ranks in umd and a wand of darkness or deeper darkness allows you to control when and where it can be used. a level 20 character has a minimum dc of 37 (10 base, 20 class levels, 5 tentacle str, 2 dark armor) and that assumes the wielder is going to have a str of 10 and no magic items or feats boosting the dc so in practice the dc will be much higher. On top of all that you can force 3 of these saves twice a round every round.

their are other concerns but most of them go back to the lack of meaningful perquisites.

p.s. im working off a lousy computer that makes editing difficult so i apologies in advance for any of the inevitable errors

once the wielder gets more then 6 hd he can summon casters as a standard action this means that basically every low level spell is only a standard action away .

an additional worry is minions with item creation

2012-05-26, 08:44 PM
awa@ In answer to your points:

Initially, the class is not intended for PC's, rather it was created with npc's in mind, however I will admit that the class is accessible at early levels but that is in turn countered (at least to me) by DM's with an ounce of sense who would ban this class until a certain point in a PC's life, if at all. In addition, unlike most classes, in any given game world, there can be only one wielder, which shoots down the chances of PC use.

Hmm, I have appeared to have forgotten to add in the Darkling Skills, thank you for pointing that out :smallsmile: I'll get to that in the morning. And no, there is nothing to stop you from spamming them like crazy, minus the ability for a man with a torch being able to kill them by...well by lighting the torch :smallsmile: Darklings are in basis, easy to kill, and easy to replace.

First off, I believe you (Or I) aren't certain on the idea of Class levels, class levels work off of the number of levels in the class granting said ability (Mastered tendrils) So the lowest minimum save at level 20 would in fact be 27. And whereas I will agree on the fact this is a very high save, it also has very specific requirements to reach that save, complete and utter darkness. And as mentioned, the class focuses on the dark, all a rival needs to do is turn on a light to no-longer fear the wielders Insta-death, even a match will help, not exactly difficult.

Summoning spellcasting Darklings, whilst funny, is not a massive worry, Darklings suffer an inherit penalty to Cha, Int and Wis, the main casting stats, making them poor casters, especially with favored class rogue. In addition, all Darklings can only reach 4 caster levels in total, which whilst it gives access to low level spells, is not highly worrying, nor can they create any items the wielder himself could not via the simple use of Form the dark.

In short, I admit you raise some strong points, but remember that all...all of the wielders abilities turn off in the light, which is a simple way to balance certain powers.

2012-05-26, 09:07 PM
unless you also limit accesses to magic items any characters that needs darkness that badly will invest in magic items that grant darkness or deeper darkness which negate normal light such as torches.

edit it also appears based on the description that a torch is not nearly enough to destroy a minion.

2012-05-26, 09:23 PM

That is all.

2012-05-27, 01:42 PM
awa@: Again, that's the same as any character however, if a character gains a certain benefit from a certain condition, you can guarantee they will attempt to gain access to it, why would the wielder be any different? And as for the Darkling, fair enough, I will make an edit within an hour or so.

Wayfare@: Thank you very much :smallbiggrin:

2012-05-27, 06:22 PM
im just saying that in practice a mid level player will only not have access to darkness if the encounter has been talior made to prevent them from having it.
If they can easily ignore the weakness it's not really a weakness and the class should really be balanced with the assumption that not having darkness is the exception to the rule.

although i do like the idea of the class.

edit of course im really looking at it from the pcs perspective a lot of these powers are much less troublesome in the hands of an npc bad guy.
pcs knowing about his powers are more likely to come equipped with spells that can beat deeper darkness than random monsters in the woods and boss villains are almost assumed to be fighting with the home field advantage.