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Grimsage Matt
2012-06-02, 03:01 PM
What does it mean to embrace the deepest legacy of the dwarves? They are not merely those short, surly and often drunk humanoids that like to use axes. They are craftsmen/women. They understand the value of patince, the value of back breaking hard work. As tough as the metals and stone they work in, A Dwarven Mastercrafter does not give up. They are more then paragons. They are more then the emodiment of dwarven ideals.

But in a way, they're also far less.

They're often not the heros of legend and song. They are instead the quiet in the background, the one who can ahcive legendary feats of workmenship, not trough magical enhancement, but because they worked hard. Unlike a spellcaster, who in their eyes cheats, they change the world subtly, but no less strongly.

Race; Dwarf
Feats; At least 4 skill focus(Craft) feats, endurance.
Skills; At least 15 Ranks in any 4 Craft skills, Knowledge(History) 8 Ranks, And either Knowledge (Local) or Knowledge(Dungeonerring) 8 ranks.
Class; 3 Levels of Dwarf paragon.
Special; Must have made at least 100 items through the Craft skill. If spells or SLA's were used to create any of them, the count is reset to 0.
Special; Must have helped improve a community (Exactly how is up to the DM, but should be a major thing.)
Special; 18th level of a tier 4 or lower class. If you have even one class above tier 4, you may not qualify for this class. Dwarf Paragon is the only Execption.
Special Feat; If you have Vow of Poverty, you may not take this class.

HD; D10
Class Skills; Appraise (Int), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy(Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Gather Information(Cha), Knowledge (All) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Survival (Wis).
Skill points; 4+int mod per level.

LV BAB Fort Ref Will Features
1 +1 +2 +0 +2 Crafting Master, Patience, Mastery of the Forge
2 +2 +3 +0 +3 Forges Secerts, Mountians Endurance, One with the Anvil

Class Features
1st level;
Crafting Master(EX); A Dwarven Master Crafter may apply a Perfection bonus to all craft skills equal to their Dwarven Paragon level times their Dwarven Mastercrafter level.

Patience(EX); A dwarven Mastercrafter knows the value of patince. By making the crafting checks for a item per month, rather then per week or day, the resulting item is execptionaly well crafted. It gains +4 Hardness and +15 hp. This stacks with Dwarvencraft. If the item was a weapon, it also gains a addtional +1 to hit and gains a +1 to damage rolls. This stacks with masterwork/Dwarvencraft and magical enhancement bonuses. If the item being crafted was Armor, it gives +1 addtional AC, it's armor check penalty is reduced by 2 and the movement allowed when in it increases by 5 ft (Up to the races normal maximum). This stacks with masterwork, dwarvencraft and magical enhancement bonuses.

Mastery of the Forge(EX); The Dwarven Mastercrafter is used to the forge. They are immune to heat effects and Non-magical fires. They also gain Fire resitence to magical fire equal to 10. They can also breat in enviroments with heavy smoke as if it was fresh air (Dosn't affect their abillity to see).

2nd level;
Forges Secerts(SU); They know the secerts of stone and metal. In fact, they know it so well, they can truely understand it. So long as they are standing on earth or metal, they may use Commune with Nature or Legend lore to find out what the stone or metals knows. They may use this abillity a total number of times per day equal to thier Con mod.

Mountians Endurance(EX); The Dwarven mastercraftsman is a paragon of creation, and it serves to sustain him. So long as he's making something, he does not need to eat or drink. In addtion, Time spent crafting items is considered time resting.

One with the Anvil (EX); They've spent so long at their forges, is there really a diffrence between them? At this point, they are as tough as the metal they pound. They gain +2 natural armor and DR 5/-. However, they take 2d6 extra damage from any attack that rusts.

Noctis Vigil
2012-06-02, 03:53 PM
1.) Tables are your friend. You'll get more PEACH with them.

2.) This is...strong. Like, crazy strong. I'll point out some specifics as I get to them, but let's start with the requirements, because some of them are a little out of place I feel.

Feats: why Skill Focus? Why not Item Creation feats? Why not at least specify Skill Focus (Craft)?

Skills: why Knowledge?

Special: why can't he craft magic items for this? Or did you mean he can't make the items with a spell like Major Creation? Also, what counts as "helping improve a community"?

Saves: this is sort of out there, in my mind. Why do they need those save bonuses? Also, at the bare minimum level he can enter this class (12), the odds of him not having these saves is far fetched, making this redundant as well.

3.) You have a lot of very strong abilities in 2 levels. Seriously, either majorly nerf these or add more levels.

4.) 1st level abilities.

Crafting Master: this is fine, although would be very strong if you added more levels to the class. Still, it's only the Craft skill, and doesn't effect combat, so it's fine.

Patience: this is OK, and is actually quite nice. All good here.

Mastery of the Forge: This is where it gets a little powerful. Immunity to normal fire, and effective immunity to magical fire (because seriously, 10*Con mod is ridiculous; assuming you rolled a 16 for Con, add the +2 racial Dwarven bonus, +2 Dwarven Paragon bonus, that gives us a resistance of 50, even with no other increases). I'd drop this to 5*Con mod against all fire. This is also where I would start adding new levels.

5.) Level 2 abilities.

Forge Secrets: Let's be generous and assume low Int to start, so 14. That's a +2 mod. Now let's take the +5 from the above Con example. So he gets spells know as a 10th level Wizard, which as written means he gets a spellbook to put the spells in. Now let's get crazy and assume he already has levels of Wizard (if he went Dwarven Paragon 3, Wizard 9, Dwarven Mastercrafter 2), and an Int of 20 (+5 Mod) on top of the above +5 Con mod. He gains spells know as a 25th level Wizard. This is on top of the spells he learns through the Wizard class. He can't cast the high level ones for a few levels, but hey, he already assumes CL25 on all his spells at level 14, so what's waiting a few levels? Further, he can make items many times stronger than his level. Further, any time he boosts either his Con or his Int mod, his CL and bonus spells increase. And I used low stats with no optimization. With some optimization, I can see this getting him a CL in the 60s or 70s by level 20. This ability needs a complete overhaul.

Mountain's Endurance: Looks fine, and quite flavorful. No complaints here.

One with the Anvil: This is another very powerful ability. 1/4 chance of being immune to crits, +2AC, and a huge chunk of DR/-. Assuming the Con mod above, this grants DR25/-. Assuming you've been even remotely boosting your Con, this ability grants virtual immunity to melee and ranged combat. This needs to be lowered.

All in all, it's a good concept, but needs a serious amount of fixing. As it stands now, I would never allow it at my table; it's just too strong.

Grimsage Matt
2012-06-02, 04:14 PM
1) ya, and I suck at making them:smallredface: Really should learn how.

Special; He's all about hard work. No using magic to cheat.

Feats; Changed.

Skills; Knowledge Changed to have a dwarven theme.

Saves; Ya, the guy was ment to be tough, both mentaly and phyicly, but ya, redundant.

3) It's ment to be strong, sort of a Paragon prestige. Also, changed to improved a community so the exact details are up to the DM, but it's supposed to never be easy. Like working your rear off, revialtizing the poorest part of town, making a contrabution that just because it can be done but NOT adventuring, is no less heroic.

1st level abillities;
Crafting master; You should really check out some of the craft based rune magic systems.

Mastery of the forge; It's been nerfed.

2nd level abillities;
Secerts of the Forge; Changed into a pair of divination abillities that go with the earth and metal theme.

One with the Anvil; Removed the Fortifcation, changed the DR to 5, and now you take a extra 2d6 damage from rusting attacks.

Grimsage Matt
2012-06-02, 04:36 PM
nice new pair of limitations.

1) You have a class besides Dwarf paragon thats above Tier 4? You can't take the class.

2) You have vow of Poverty? Then why are you trying to become a craftsman? You Characters with Vow of Poverty cannot take this class. Even that fix that allows you to have equipment for your profession? You have it, your banned.

Let the hating begin.

Noctis Vigil
2012-06-02, 05:00 PM
Actually, I can think of at least one or two very allowable instances where a craftsman would take VoP. What if he's an ascetic craftsman making tools for the clergy at a church? Why ban VoP? Why limit him to T4 classes? Requirements always, always, always need a reason that is justifiable in-game.

Grimsage Matt
2012-06-02, 05:11 PM
Firstly, because Those vow feats are for the self rightous/ Sure, they'll be making things for the temple, why wouldn't they be:smallconfused: Dwarven sense of community. However, should then put in that they're required to own their own forge that costs a lot more then VoP allows.

Also, if you read the descrption at the begining, the class isn't about the traddtional adventurer. It's the quiet, underpowered little guy, who's not so little when you really start thinking what they can be capable of.

And about vow of poverty being for the self righteous...
Are you're character like this?

If not, you just have a warlocks bargin with heaven instead of hell.