View Full Version : New God-blooded Template: Levistus-blooded (3.5)

2012-06-02, 05:04 PM
I could say why I designed this template right off the bat, but I'd rather not influence the responses I get. So instead I'll just ask you this, GitP. Is this template balanced compared to the other God-blooded templates? Balanced in general? Overpowered? Underpowered? Would you ever consider taking it?
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ďLevistus-bloodedĒ is an acquired template that can be added to any evil humanoid creature with a Charisma score of at least 14. A creature gains this template through an act of cunning and deceit that has brought about severe misfortune and suffering to another, whether deserved or not. The aspect of Levistus himself appears to the creature and offers to grant them some of his characteristics. Those foolish enough to accept unthinkingly are imprisoned in a spire of magically hardened ice, which can only be broken by casting a Cold spell at it. Should the creature instead question Levistus on the details of his gift, he pricks his finger with an icy dagger and touches that creature on the forehead, granting them this template.

Special Actions: A Levistus-blooded creature gains the following special action.
Levistusí Icy Hatred (Su): A Levistus-blooded creature radiates a chill aura that lowers their body temperature and causes their breath to leave a slight fog. Once per day, as a swift action, a Levistus-blooded creature can force another creature they can see to endure the icy entombment of their patron. The target must be within 50 feet, and must succeed on a Reflex save (DC 10 + casterís HD + casterís Cha modifier) or be imprisoned in a cylinder of ice just large enough to contain the target that deals 1d6 points of cold damage (+1/casterís HD) per round, and lasts for a number of rounds equal to half the casterís HD (rounded down). The prison has a hardness of 5 and has 5 hit points per casterís HD. The prison does not restrict their movement, though it does distort their vision, imposing a -4 penalty to Spot checks and a 20% concealment chance on any ranged spell or ability going through the ice that requires line-of-sight.

Special Qualities: A Levistus-blooded creature gains the following special qualities.
Profane Endurance (Su): A Levistus-blooded creature has damage reduction 5/magic.
Treachery Incarnate (Su): Truth has little influence over a Levistus-blooded creature. The creature is continually immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, and any attempt to magically discern its alignment. Once per day, as a swift action, the creature is unaffected by zone of truth for a number of minutes equal to half their HD (rounded down).
Levistusí Cunning (Su): Levistus has a silver tongue, and his blood grants the creature a measure of his manipulative talent. A Levistus-blooded creature gains a +6 bonus to Bluff checks, a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks, and a +4 bonus on Sense Motive checks.

Level Adjustment: +1.