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2012-06-13, 11:02 AM
This is part of a world I'm building in the world-building sub-forum, but these classes could be used in any homebrew scenario with a little tweaking.

(Note: pick one of the three subclasses; the names are largely to do with Terra)

The Hoplite

Alignment: Any
Starting Age: Simple
Sub-classes: Laekonic, Attikan, Aelympic

Base Attack Bonus: Maximum
Saving Throws: Fighter Progression
Skills: 2 + int, x4 at first level
Class Skills: Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Sailing (new skill), Swim

Equipment Proficiency:
Proficient with all simple weapons, martial thrown, shields, and armour except heavy. Hoplites are proficient with short swords, Laekonic hoplites may not use bows. Hoplite are also proficient with the hoplite shield.

Universal Class Features:
Shield Mastery (Ex): All hoplites are masters of the shield. At level 1, hoplite wielding a shield gains +1 shield bonus to AC.
Improved Shield Bash: At level 2, all hoplites receive Improved Shield Bash.
Great Charge: A hoplite wearing medium armour incurs no penalties to movement speed when running.

Sub-class: Laekonic Hoplite
A Laekoni hoplite at level 1 receives +1 CON. No bonus if multiclassed.

Endurance: A Laekonic hoplite automatically gains the Endurance feat at level one, and at level 8 receives the Die-Hard feat.

Grapple Training: At level 3 and every three levels after, a Laekonic hoplite gains a +1 bonus to grapple checks.

Shield Bash Mastery: At level 5, a Laekonic hoplite adds another d4 to his shield bash damage. This ability stacks every 5 levels.

Laekonic Speech: At level 9, a Laekonic hoplite can take a standard action to scream, whisper, and talk in any other way. The speech must be very brief and terse. The DM decides if the line was Laconic enough (read about Laconic humour). If so, then all allies who heard the line receive a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls, attack damage, skill checks, and saving throws for 4 turns. This bonus and turn limit increases by 1 every three levels.

Bonus Feat: At level 4, 7, 11, 15, and 19 a Laekonic hoplite receives a bonus feat from the fighter bonus feat list.

Sub-class: Attikan
An Attikan hoplite can receive a +1 bonus to INT, WIS, or CHA at level 1. No bonus if multiclassed.

Education: An Attikan hoplite receives gains Diplomacy and knowledge in Arcana, Architecture, and History as class skills.

Spells: At level 4, an Attikan hoplite can cast a limited amount of arcane spells. An Attikan hoplite's caster level is a quarter of their hoplite level, and they receive bonus equal to their INT bonus. His spells known start at 2 at level 4, with an increase to a max of 4 every two hoplite levels. These spells are taken from the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list. T cast sell, must have 10 + INT match the spell level.

Sub-class: Aelympian
An Aelympian hoplite receives a +1 bonus DEX. No bonus if multiclassed.

Athletics: +2 on jump, swim, climb, balance, and tumble. Gains grapple bonuses at level 1 and every third level. Balance is a class skill.

Religious Piety: Knowledge of religion is a class skill. Deities are more favourable, and an Aelympian hoplite may use a religious item if he can recognize the deity's legitimacy.

Spells: At level 4, an Aelympian hoplite can cast a limited amount of divine These peels function identical to the Attikan hoplite's spells, but use the Cleric spell list and WIS as the key stat.

The Hoplite Shield (or the Hoplon)

One of the features of my system (it's more than just a homebrew world) is class weapons. These work similarily to exotic weapons, but they can't be used without proficiency. A hoplite at a high enough level could teach some fighting classes how to use a hoplite shield, but it would take time.

1d3 Small, 1d4 Medium. x2 critical. Bludgeoning. Can not be spiked. Gives +3 shield bonus (so 4 in total). 9lb. AC penalty of -2. 15% arcane failure, and, no DEX limit.