View Full Version : My online treasure hunt/puzzle game starts tonight.

2012-06-18, 08:24 AM
I'd like you guys to try it out. Critique. I know you guys are opinionated. :)

It'd be helpful for me if I was to do a second hunt at sometime in the future.

I'll tell you what I struggled with so that you have a starting point...difficulty of the puzzles. I tried to vary them...and make the first one...one of the easier puzzles. But how hard to go? Some of my ideas were so very abstract...I feared that they'd almost require an element of "eureka!" to solve them. Is that too much to ask from a group of strangers just looking to have a spot o'fun?

I also made the site design itself super straight forward and almost without frills. I wanted it to be all about the puzzles and require no effort whatsoever to get to the puzzles. Function over form. I actually like flashy type sites...but I really like figuring out my demographic and giving them what they want.

I see no reason why you guys shouldn't know about me...Before the site launches there is a "this site being constructed by..." link. Click on it...it's a me...some guy not named Mario.


The treasuredhunt site link is in my sig. Tonight 7 pm cst! :P

2012-06-18, 08:49 PM
People have been enthusiastic in giving me the answer to part 1 of the hunt.

Please wait until you have the all the pieces in the right order before answering.