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2012-06-20, 04:42 PM
I've got an upcoming game in a Modern setting, and I'm wondering if anyone knows any software that makes it easy to create custom humans I can use for NPC portraits (Both facial and fullbody would be nice). I've considered the Sims 3, but it requires a lot of loading and has limited options unless you pay. Any ideas?

2012-06-20, 06:57 PM
I can do it in just seven days.

2012-06-20, 07:04 PM
I can do it in just seven days.

Dammit beat me to it

Anyway, Champions Online has a very flexible and easy to use character creator built in, which also allows characters to be easily exported as image files and loaded onto other computers. It's free, but takes up a somewhat hefty 5 GB of space, because for some reason there's some sort of game attached to it.

EDIT: According to my computer it actually takes 2.5 GB of space, meaning it probably just has the compressed and uncompressed version exist simultaneously while installing.

Frenth Alunril
2012-06-21, 10:29 AM

That's faces, the rest, maybe a clothing site. Some of them have a virtual model... When I get my act together, I hope to build one of these told.