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2012-06-28, 02:54 PM
Not sure where to post this but figured I better try since I bought the first issue today!

Anyone else?

The comic opens on the Deltans home world, they're attacked by the Borg who are being helped by another cybernetic race.
The scene shifts within a secure c&c where a Deltan leader has been moved with word a federation fleet is en route the two star fleet vessels in orbit are being annihilated and there's talk about the change in Borg tactics since they attacked without bothering to communicate.

And then...
The Doctor riding a chariot along with Amy whilst Rory is at the helm are racing through ancient egypt and manage to escape their pursuers long enough to get inside the Pharoah's citadel and with Rory's help they try to get an audience with the pharoah but are confronted by the pharoah's vizier who is revealed to be somewhat not human...

To be continued?

2012-06-28, 03:10 PM
I did do a wafflely plot synopsis in the Doctor Who thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13354513&postcount=29). It has my thoughts on it at the end.

2012-06-28, 03:40 PM
I did do a wafflely plot synopsis in the Doctor Who thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13354513&postcount=29). It has my thoughts on it at the end.

Much obliged was wondering if there was a discussion on this

2012-06-28, 04:02 PM
Much obliged was wondering if there was a discussion on this

Meh, there wasn't much discussion (and by that I mean none)

2012-06-29, 05:01 AM
No time like the present then!

In case you don't want to learn about this before #2
So caught a glimpse of a few pages from the next issue and it looks like they're working it on the enterprise side next before they encounter our travelling trio in the holodeck

So given Star Trek's usual formulae for adventure how long before the next gen crew realise the trio they meet in the holodeck aren't holograms?

Is this because the doctor knows the cyberman have travelled to a parallel earth so has to restrict the means to communicate accordingly since last time it almost stranded them on Pete's world?

If this is the same universe are they likely to know who the doctor is and more importantly have they met Captain Jack?

Is the Celestial Toymaker and the Q part of the same fraternity or the Next Gen Q IS the Celestial Toymaker albeit more immature or is that one the same as the one Kirk met?

So many questions where will we find the time?!:smallbiggrin:

2012-06-29, 07:35 AM
For those interested (http://gallifreybase.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5865077#post5865077)

In case you can't access the above:
Originally Posted by Adrian Tullberg

"Yes, me ... sorry, have we met?"

"Oh! Oh no, it's just ... well, we've heard stories about you. In the Continuum and ... other places. The Toymaker said a lot of things, none of it repeatable, but very funny."

"A friend of yours?"

"More of a colleague of a friend ... we met at one of those drinks things?"

"Oh, one of those."

"Do you realise how stupefyingly irritating you have to be to get under the skin of an omnipotent, omniscient being? He achieved that and more. On and on about his games, on and on until someone mentioned what you did to him. Made the entire evening worth it! Finally shut him up, and he sat in a corner nursing a shandy and avoiding eye contact. The entire Continuum owes you a debt of gratitude, or at least a drink."

"Rory, you hear that? He's getting us a drink!"

"Number One, are you worried we've met the one creature that Q is having a conversation with without a hint of condescension?"

"Riker to Quartermaster; have some spare trousers in mine and the Captain's size on standby ..."